Native Plants in Stockton, CA

Have you recently been inspired to create a colorful, relaxing garden in your backyard? Many people get hit with the urge to grow a beautiful garden, but not everyone knows how to get started. An easy way to begin is to look into plants and decide how you want to design your outdoor space. When you think about this, consider incorporating native plants.

What are native plants?

Native plants are those that are adapted to the environment. These plants do best in the soil, with the weather conditions that are normal for the area, and often require less supplemental irrigation than other plants. They also attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators, which are beneficial for the environment.

Native plants aren’t just right for the environment–they are right for you, too. Not only do they add texture, color, and beauty to a backyard garden, but they are more water efficient, saving you time and money by reducing the water needs.

What native plants can I use in my Stockton garden?

Silver lupine: Silver lupine is not silver–they can be blue, purple or lavender. These flowers grow on the shrubs with feathery leaves, adding color and texture to space. Silver lupine prefers full sun and dry soils so that they can be an easy addition to your garden.

California poppy: Orange and yellow flowers can grow nearly year-round in Stockton, with the petals closing in cold or windy weather. It’s drought tolerant and fast growing, so you’ll see full garden when you plant these poppies.

Toluca: White or purple blooms grow on these perennial plant. The flower has fine points around the edges, and they open in the evenings and close just after sunrise. These flowers may be a perfect plant for you if you plan to enjoy your garden mostly at night.

California Wildrose: These fragrant flowers bloom in the spring and summer with pink, red or white flowers. These flowers can survive droughts, and add some beautiful color to your garden without a ton of extra effort on your part.

Ithuriel’s spear: This purple, blue, white or lavender bloom pairs well with California poppies, and the color contrast can lead to a beautiful display. Ithuriel’s spear is a native perennial herb and can attract butterflies to the garden.

Sunflower: These large yellow flowers are well known and loved, and they can grow to be quite tall and with a full flower. Birds, insects and monarch butterflies flock to these flowers.

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Cover Photo Source: CC BY-ND 2.0