Arlington vs Bethesda: Which is the more livable DC suburb? [infographic]

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Here at LawnStarter, we’re big fans of the Washington DC metro area.  It’s where our company started and we still mow hundreds of lawns here today. Between the rich history, four full seasons, occasional senator sightings and our beloved (though perpetually dissapointing) sports teams, it’s no wonder millions of people call this area home.  Many of us have lived in the District at one point, but whether it’s wanting to have a back yard, avoiding taxation without representation, or getting out of jury duty, we want to live close enough to enjoy the benefits of DC without having to live there.  For these types of people, there are two distinct options: Arlington, VA and Betheda, MD.

This infographic compares Arlington to Bethesda across 10 different categories to determine the question many Washington-area residents want to know: which is the more liveable DC suburb?

arlington vs bethesda


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