10 Best Places to Camp in the West

best places to camp west

Sometimes, you just need to get outside. Get away from work or school or the general busyness of life. Hiding out in the forest or the desert or the beach, pitching a tent and relaxing with your friends and family can be just the escape you need. And better yet, while you’re away, you don’t have to worry about housework, yard work, laundry or mowing the lawn. Start planning your next outdoor adventure with these ten of the best places to camp in the West. 

best places to camp west
Zion National Park

1. Arizona: North Rim Campground

The North Rim Campground at the Grand Canyon’s North Rim is a great getaway while still featuring modern amenities like showers, a general store, and a restaurant. The North Rim is also generally less crowded than the South Rim of the Grand Canyon while still giving you the spectacular views of the Canyon that the park is known for.

2. California: Big Basin Redwoods State Park

For a trip amongst the giant trees with hiking spots nearby to head out to several different waterfalls, the Big Basin Redwoods State Park is the perfect getaway in Northern California. Sleeping amongst the redwoods and the stars will help you get a much-deserved break.

3. Idaho: Wendover Campground

Near the Lochsa River, the Wendover Campground gives visitors peace and serenity among water, trees and the woods. Situated in the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest, this campground isn’t as highly traversed as other campgrounds in the state, giving you the getaway from daily life you’re after.

4. Montana: Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

The Bighorn Canyon has many campgrounds, giving you modern amenities or a more rugged camping experience, depending on what you’re looking for. These campsites all have views of the canyon, wildlife and waterways the area is known for.

5. Nevada: Valley of Fire State Park

Situated in Nevada’s oldest and largest state park, this campground offers access to activities like hiking, picnicking and exploring the red sandstone rocks. The park’s name–Valley of Fire–comes from the fiery sunsets that illuminate these red rocks in the evenings, creating the perfect photo opportunities to remember the camping trip by.

6. New Mexico: El Vado Lake State Park

With lake access to two separate lakes–El Vado and Heron–this park offers beach camping as well as developed campgrounds. You can swim, boat, hike and find more outdoor activities here, getting you some time to reconnect with nature in whatever way you like best.

7. Oregon: Harris Beach State Park

This sandy beach has sea stacks scattered throughout, giving you beach time as well as forest time, with the campground being set in the forest right off the beach. Watch the sunset over the ocean from your tent, or splash around in the tide.

8. Utah: Zion National Park’s Watchman Campground

Nestled near the Zion National Park visitor’s center, this campground is within the canyon so you can see the towering walls from your tent. Bathrooms with running water, drinking water, and room for your car right near your site makes this a popular Utah camping spot.

9. Washington: Cape Alava

Camp by the coast at the westernmost point of the continental U.S. HIke through the old forest with tall trees to reach the campsites, where you will be right at the edge of the beach. Hike to Lake Ozette, through the forest or in the meadow for some additional outdoor activity.

10. Wyoming: Island Lake Campground

This small campground is one of the high mountain lake campgrounds in the Shoshone National Forest. Take a hike, go fishing and view wildlife or wildflowers while you camp at this lake.

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