How To Remove Leaves From Mulch and Flower Beds

Remove Leaves From Mulch and Flower Beds

Fall leaves are beautiful to look at but a pain to clean up, especially when they get into hard-to-reach areas like the wood chips or mulch of your flower gardens. When leaves get into your flower beds, it becomes more of a challenge to remove them. Here are some suggestions on how to remove leaves from mulch and flower beds.

Use Your Hands

gardening kidIf you have a lot of trees in your yard, chances are you have lots of leaves in your flower beds and probably on the plants themselves. You’ll need to put on some gloves and get in there. Raking isn’t going to work for this delicate operation and blowing them will cause the weight of the leaves to snap the stems of your plants. Pick the leaves off and pile them up next to your garden where you can blow them away later.

Light Raking

rakingYour standard yard rake is too cumbersome for this job. You’ll need a narrow rake to get in there between your plants and loosen up all the debris that’s settled. Be gentle. Some leaves may be wet and stick to the mulch or wood chips.

Use A Leaf Blower

If there’s enough space between your plants, you could use a leaf blower to save time. Don’t use too much force. Remember, this is a delicate operation. Try to corral the leaves to the center of the row or else the leaves will get stuck in your plants creating more work for you. Angle the blower, so it pushes the air over the surface of your mulch, not directly at it. This keeps the mulch, topsoil, and chips from blowing away. There may be a little wind erosion but nothing you can’t fix by raking it back into place.

leaf blowerOnce you’ve blown out most of the leaves, it’s time to get back in there with your hands and pick out any stragglers. You can either dispose of the leaves or put them in your compost bin. Remember, leaves make a great mulch and fertilizer so don’t let them go to waste.

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Rachel Vogel