How To Stop Erosion on Your Asheville Lawn

Asheville, NC

Does your lawn have a steep, plantless slope? If so you’re probably losing topsoil every time it rains.  It’s relatively easy to fix that slope and stop erosion on your Asheville Lawn.

Spotting the Problem

lawn slopeIf your grass is patchy with exposed roots or if you notice bare spots on the sloped area, chances are your soil is eroding. You may also notice soil and mud in the street, meaning your lawn is losing precious nutrients every time it rains. This makes it tough for plants to grow and continues the cycle of erosion.

Check the Severity

Check out the severity of the problem by digging into the soil. Is it rocky or sandy? How deep is the dirt? Are there plants, grass, or weeds that are already growing? How much sun does the slope typically get? The answers to these questions may change the approach you take.

Stabilize the Soil

Building a barrier or creating terraces is an excellent way to help stabilize the soil on a slope. Barriers are typically made with rocks and will help stop the water from flowing down the hill.  Terraces also help divert the flow of water and they’ll give you flat, controlled surfaces to plant on.

erosionGrowing grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees are the ultimate protection from soil erosion. The roots from these plants will hold the soil together while the leaves and vegetation will help shield the slope from the rain.

If you’re finding it difficult to grow grass or plants on the slope, you may need to invest in an erosion control blanket. This will help shield the hill from the rainwater and allow plant life the time it needs to grow and take root. Over time the erosion control blanket will degrade, leaving behind a solid, lush slope.

Divert the Water

brick pathIf you lay down rocks to divert the water in another direction, the slope will have a chance to dry out. You can also use decorative bricks and create a narrow path with water flowing down. This controlled landscape feature is sure to impress!

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Rachel Vogel