6 Ways to Dispose of That Old Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

Christmas is over, but that doesn’t mean your Christmas tree is no longer useful. Instead of letting it go to waste in a landfill, give the tree back to nature where it came from. There are plenty of clever ways to upcycle your old Christmas trees.

Provide Shelter for Animals

If you live in an area surrounded by woods or an unmowed field, an unwanted Christmas tree can be used as a home for animals. Just toss it on its side and critters looking for shelter this winter will see it as a brand new home.

A Fish Sanctuarylake for christmas tree

Why not throw it in a lake. If you have a pond or a lake, your tree can become a natural habitat for fish. Algae will grow on it as it decomposes which attracts fish and the branches provide shelter and an interesting place to hang out.

Use it for Firewood

Cut off all the branches and cut the trunk into logs that can fit into your fireplace. Dried needles make an excellent fire starter, but be careful about of sparks. The logs may take a few months to dry out.

Start a Compost Pilecompost pile

Evergreen branches are great for starting a new compost pile because their branches allow air to flow through the bottom of the pile. Just layer the branches on the ground or the bottom of a bin and throw everything else on top of it.

Use the Needles as Mulch

Needles may have been an issue in your house, but outside they work as an excellent mulch. Shake all the needles off the tree and put them in your flower beds. They make a great weed barrier as they slowly decompose.

Grind it Upmulch

If you just want to get rid of the entire tree quickly, rent a wood chipper and throw her in. While you’re at it get your friends and neighbors to bring over their trees. Boom! Instant mulch and a tree-t for the entire neighborhood.

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Rachel Vogel