What are the best grass types for Dallas, TX lawns?


Most homeowners inherit their lawns, and are bound to the grass-type that was planted there by the builders.  However, if you’re feeling the itch to re-sod, you’ve got a nice clean slate to work with.  A blank canvas.  A wide open space ready for the grass-type of your choosing.

Being a lawn service in Dallas, we know a thing or two about the grass we cut.

If you’re in a position to create a new lawn (or just interested in grass types), here are the 5 most common types of grass you’ll see in Dallas, along with which scenarios they should be planted, and the pros and cons of each.

The 5 Best Grass Types in Dallas, TX:

1) St Augustine Grass

St Augustine grass is very common in the Dallas area.  Though it is not actually native to Texas, it does thrive well here as it originated in tropical regions.  Additionally, it’s easily the most affordable grass type that does well in Dallas, which is why so many builders use it on their properties.  Many prefer the thick, green blades which offer a unique charm, and it looks fantastic with a nice edge on it.

The downside of St Augustine is that it requires 50 to 100% more water than other grass types.  With Dallas’ watering restrictions, this can be a big problem.  If deciding what type of grass you want, be sure to weigh the costs of additional water with the lower price of the grass, and also realize that tightened watering restrictions in the future are a big risk.  Mow a bit higher than other grass types, 2-3 inches.

2) ‘Common’ Bermuda Grass

Though Common Bermuda grass originated in Africa, it’s quite common all throughout the United States and definitely so in Texas.   It’s the least expensive of the Bermuda grass variety, and it’s drought-resistant properties make it great for lawns with little shade.  Additionally it grows very dense and is quite easy to establish.  Mow at a height of 1.5-2 inches.

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3)  ‘Celebration’ Bermuda Grass

Celebration Bermuda Grass is a variant of grass that originated in Africa and is used both in residential lawns and on athletic fields.  It is more durable than Common Bermuda, and is very soft.  It is quite a beautiful grass type, and performs better in shady areas than Common Bermuda, making it great for yards with partial shade.  It’s drought tolerant (important in Dallas), durable and perfect with lawns that have partial shade.  Celebration Bermuda should be mowed at 1.5-2 inches.

4)  Zoysia Grass

This grass – originally from Asia – can be tricky but quite beautiful.  It’s tough to establish and maintain, but is certainly not without its benefits.  Many prefer the neat, short look of Zoysia, and if your lawn has lots of shade, this is the grass for you.  Zoysia grass should be mowed very low – approximately 1 inch – which some mowers have trouble with.  Another benefit is that Zoysia is highly resistant to lawn disease.

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5)  Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is the only common grass type that is native to Texas.  It does well in the heat, and with irrigation, will stay green throughout the summer.  It has a distinct whispy appearance.  Without irrigation, it will go brown.  Unfortunately, it does not hold up well to foot traffic, so if you have backyard barbecues often it’s probably not the choice for you. Pros include that it’s great in direct sunlight, and that it originated in Texas, of course.

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For those who have owned a home around here for long, you know that lawn care in Dallas can be tricky.  However, choosing the right grass type can make all the difference, saving you a lot of headache and making your lawn look beautiful.


Scott Johnson

Scott is a research analyst and writer for the LawnStarter blog. He's a lawn care expert, avid gardener, and dog lover.