5 Tips for Watering and Maintaining Your Lawn in Atlanta, GA

atlanta grass watering tips

1. Water During the Correct Times of the Day
Although Atlanta has fairly mild temperatures compared to more souther cities, you still want to make sure that you’re watering at the best times. Generally, you want to water your lawn in the morning to prevent mid-day evaporation and optimal soak-in. There’s nothing worse than watering your lawn only to lose quite of a bit of the moisture to evaporation. Check the city’s current watering restrictions if you’re not sure whether you’re able to water or not.

2. Keep Your Lawn Treatments Up
Aeration and fertilization is key to helping your lawn stay healthy and maintain moisture. Aeration helps loosen up compacted soil thats been beat down by heavy foot traffic and heat. Loosened soil means that water can penetrate deeper into the soil and help establish deeper root systems for your grass. Grass with longer root systems are healthier and stronger, which helps prevent diseases and weed growth. Fertilization also helps your lawn stay green and strong. By providing your lawn with extra nutrients, you’re helping your lawn establish itself and tackle environmental problems that may arise.

3. Leave the Bag Off Your Mower
When you mow, clippings should stay on your lawn. Grass clippings help shade the soil and retain moisture levels on hot summer days. Leaving clippings also helps return valuable nutrients to your lawn.

4. Water Deeply, Not Frequently
Watering your lawn lightly for a ten minutes in the morning and afternoon isn’t going to help your lawn flourish. If your area has a watering schedule due to restrictions,

5. Check and Maintain Sprinkler Heads
Chances are that you’ve got a busy schedule and you have a sprinkler system setup to make sure that your lawn stays hydrated and lush. If thats the case, you’ll want to make sure that your sprinkler heads are turned the right way and not damaged from foot traffic or recent mowing jobs. Sprinklers should be turned to make sure that you’re watering vegetation and not a driveway, walkway, or the street.

For more information on best practices for lawns in Atlanta, visit our Atlanta lawn care page.


Jake Lane

Jake is a growth analyst for LawnStarter.