Author: Lee Nelson

Pollen on a car
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Worst Allergy Trees in Cincinnati

Tree pollen can make some people absolutely miserable. That could explain why the most popular page on the website for the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency in Cincinnati remains the pollen and mold one, says Joy Landry, public relations specialist. “Allergy sufferers bookmark it.” When a person suffers from an […]

Planting, Caring for and Harvesting Blueberry Bushes

Planting, Caring for and Harvesting Blueberry Bushes

Ahh. The taste of yummy blueberry muffins made with fresh blueberries picked from your backyard’s blueberry bushes can be a reality without too much fuss. “Blueberries are consumers’ top preferred berry for their delicious taste and health benefits and growing them can be quite easy in the right conditions,” says […]

Small Twonsend's big-eared bat (Corynorhinus townsendii) colony
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Getting Rid of Bats From Your Home, Property

Despite the rising popularity of Batman movies and television shows the past five decades, actual bats don’t seem to have much of a fan base. “People hate bats because of old scary movies, and because they don’t see them a lot. They also have a mystery to them, and people […]

This Holiday, Plant a Live Christmas Tree
Tree care

This Holiday, Plant a Live Christmas Tree

The holidays are all about celebrating family, friends and traditions. What better way to elevate those celebrations than by planting a live Christmas tree. “If someone wanted the experience of having a live Christmas tree, it takes a lot of pre-planning in different climates,” says Therese Olson, co-owner of Lowest Creek Tree […]

Landscaping for Shade
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Landscaping for Shade

In the heat of the summer, finding respite in a hammock under a shady spot is bliss. But trying to find shade-loving plants, flowers, shrubs and even groundcovers to beautify your front yard and backyard can turn your mood dark. Those same beautiful, full-grown trees block the sun’s nurturing rays and […]