Author: Lee Nelson

Hauck Botanic Gardens in Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH, Landscaping, Ohio

Low-Maintenance Landscaping in Cincinnati and Surrounding Counties

Low-maintenance landscaping doesn’t mean “no maintenance.” “There is always some maintenance, and some plants will eventually spread but maybe at a slower rate,” says J.T. Benitez. He serves as Butler County extension educator for Agriculture & Natural Resources, The Ohio State University Extension. Sometimes by removing and dividing some plants […]

Callery (Bradford) pear
Columbus, OH, Ohio, Tree care

Worst Trees to Plant in Columbus

Working in a garden center while in college, Pamela Bennett decided plants and trees would become her profession and passion. Now as associate professor and state master gardener program director for The Ohio State University Extension in Springfield, she helps people build that passion and helps them with questions. Many […]

Cincinnati, OH, Landscaping, Ohio

Hot Landscaping Trends in Cincinnati

For the past 42 years, Martha Wassermann has created landscaping designs for her clients. “There is almost no situation for which I cannot think of a starting point upon which to build a creative solution or two,” she says. She owns Martha Wassermann Professional Landscape Design & Services, Cincinnati. Part […]

Callery (Bradford) pear
Cincinnati, OH, Ohio, Tree care

5 Worst Trees to Plant in Cincinnati

With climate change, more frequent storms and inundating pollution, one way to help continues to be planting more trees, says Crystal Courtney, urban forestry supervisor for the Cincinnati Park Board. “One of our greatest issues in his river city is stormwater management, and it is predicted that this area will […]