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Grass pollen allergies, commonly called hay fever, hit each spring
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Achoo! It’s Grass Pollen Allergy Season

About 40 million Americans suffer from pollen allergies, and grass pollen allergies are among the leading causes of these seasonal sneezes. Doctors call it seasonal allergic rhinitis, but its common name is hay fever. Many types of irritants can trigger allergic reactions, including flecks of pet skin and dust mites. Hay fever is distinct from food allergies or […]

A Guide to Organic Lawn Fertilizer
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A Guide to Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Do you know your Peruvian bat guano from your liquid kelp? If so, chances are you are a fan of organic lawn care. Advocates for this more-natural set of lawn and gardening practices argue that if you rely on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, your green lawn isn’t environmentally green. “I think synthetic fertilizers have run their […]

Bad behavior common at weddings, survey finds

Weddings Are Fun?

Along with the vows of undying love, the American wedding experience can bring a range of bad behavior, including fights, vomiting, illicit sex and heavy drinking by the brides and grooms, a new survey from reveals. We surveyed 1,227 Americans who have reported that they have had weddings. Their […]