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Glendale, AZ - Feb 22, 2024
Glendale Lawn Treatment Facts

Demand for Lawn Treatment by Month


Lawn Treatment Services & Avg Pricing

Lawn Treatment $80
Lawn Fertilizing $69
Lawn Aeration $116
Weed Control $69
Mulching $297
Lime Addition $88
Lawn Reseeding $766
Dethatching $194

The Best Lawn Fertilization and Lawn Treatments in Glendale

Want to transform your Glendale lawn into a lush paradise, rivaling the beauty of Sahuaro Ranch Park? In this city, where desert charm meets urban vibrancy, cultivating a thriving lawn is an exciting journey.

LawnStarter simplifies this adventure by offering an effortless way to book lawn fertilization and other care treatments, ensuring your yard mirrors the allure of Glendale’s sun-drenched scenery.

Cost of Lawn Fertilization in Glendale

In Swift City, expect to pay between $50 to $220 for lawn fertilization, which is slightly less than the national average lawn fertilization cost of $88 to $554.

Prices vary based on factors such as: 

  • Size of your yard (larger yards will cost more)
  • Number of treatments (more treatments lower per-treatment price)
  • Type of fertilizer used (liquid or granular, fast or slow-release, etc.)
  • Cost is often lower if bundled with other services

When Is the Best Time to Fertilize Your Lawn?

In Glendale, the optimal times for lawn fertilization are early spring and late fall, depending on which local grass type you have, such as Bermudagrass or Buffalograss.

This timing ensures that your grass thrives in the desert climate. Aim to fertilize every 4 to 8 weeks from April to September, adjusting based on your lawn's appearance.

Be mindful of your lawn's health to gauge fertilization needs. A thin, light-green lawn indicates under-fertilization, while excessive growth and thatch buildup suggest over-fertilization. For summer lawn care, fertilize in the cooler parts of the day and use a broadcast spreader for even coverage, avoiding fertilization if you've overseeded with winter grass.

Lawn Fertilization: DIY or Hire a Pro?

In Glendale's unique desert environment, DIY lawn fertilization can be challenging due to the hot climate and special soil conditions.

Professional lawn care services offer a significant advantage here. Our pros are your neighbors, and they bring expert knowledge and precise timing to the table, ensuring your lawn thrives in Glendale's distinct setting.

So, while going DIY might be tempting, the expertise of professionals is often the key to a lush, healthy lawn in this Arizona city.

Other Lawn Treatment Services in Glendale

To complement your lawn care routine, consider these additional services:

  • Mowing (routine mowing keeps your yard looking great)
  • Weed Control (pre-emergent/post-emergent herbicides)
  • Overseeding/Reseeding/Hydroseeding (for new or thicker turf)
  • Mosquito Control (to reduce the presence of these pests in your yard)
  • Aeration (to reduce soil compaction)
  • Dethatching (thatch often is a breeding ground for lawn pests and diseases)

Most lawn care companies offer various services, including mowing, lawn fertilization, and weed control, and you can often save money by bundling your services.

LawnStarter connects you with local experts for top-notch lawn care in Glendale, whether near the vibrant Westgate Entertainment District or the tranquil Thunderbird Conservation Park.

Enjoy exploring Glendale's attractions while professionals keep your lawn lush and healthy. With LawnStarter, you get the best of both worlds.

Whatever the lawn care or lawn fertilization job, you’ll get it done fast and at an affordable price with LawnStarter.

Top Glendale, AZ Lawn Treatment Services of February 2024

We have reviewed local businesses across 4 different categories to come up with the best lawn treatment companies in Glendale, AZ. These 10 businesses scored the highest points across the 4 categories: professionalism, experience, reliability and reputation. LawnStarter is not affiliated with these businesses.

Review Criteria:

Experience Professionalism Reliability Reputation
Alpha 2 Omega Landscaping Inc Logo
Alpha 2 Omega Landscaping Inc
Julio Martinez -
6740 N 60Th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301
Alpha 2 Omega Landscaping Inc provides top quality turf installation, landscape maintenance, hedge trimming, and other lawn services in Glendale and neighboring areas. If you need lawn mowed, flowerbed installed, or shrubs trimmed, owner Julio Martinez and his 17 employees he can help out. Alpha 2 Omega Landscaping Inc is lauded for quality work and straightforward pricing.
Services offered:
βœ… Landscaping
⭐ 4.00 rating
πŸ‘₯ 17 employees
πŸ—“οΈ 50 yrs in business
Arizona Lawn Care Llc Logo
Arizona Lawn Care Llc
David Flores -
6701 N 55Th Dr, Glendale, AZ 85301
With a reputation for friendliness and transparent pricing, Arizona Lawn Care Llc has provided professional lawn and related services in Glendale since 2016. From sod installation to shrub trimming, owner David Flores and his squad of 2 service professionals can help you out. Past customers have described the company as professional and consistent.
Services offered:
βœ… Landscaping
⭐ 4.40 rating
πŸ‘₯ 2 employees
πŸ—“οΈ 4 yrs in business
Lighthouse Landscape Solutions Llc Logo
Lighthouse Landscape Solutions Llc
Gerald Bailey -
6821 N 54Th Dr, Glendale, AZ 85301
Lighthouse Landscape Solutions Llc has provided lawn and landscape to residents of Glendale for the past 20 years. Owner Gerald Bailey can handle any lawn and landscape job, including landscaping, flowerbed installation, shrub trimming and wood chipping. Lighthouse Landscape Solutions Llc has 5 pros who previous customers often describe as reputable and consistent. If you need a reliable lawn care service, call Lighthouse Landscape Solutions Llc.
Services offered:
βœ… Landscaping
⭐ 4.50 rating
πŸ‘₯ 5 employees
πŸ—“οΈ 20 yrs in business
Vazquez Landscaping Logo
Vazquez Landscaping
Luis Vazquez -
6512 N 61St Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301
Vazquez Landscaping provides lawn service to residents and businesses of Glendale and the surrounding area. They provide landscaping work, mulching and shrub care. Customers describe them as knowlegable and customer focused.
Services offered:
βœ… Landscaping
⭐ 4.50 rating
πŸ‘₯ 3 employees
πŸ—“οΈ 29 yrs in business
Mixim Landscape Logo
Mixim Landscape
Cecilia Gutierrez -
6640 N 48Th Dr, Glendale, AZ 85301
Need lawn cut or flowerbed redone? Mixim Landscape is a lawn and landscape service located in Glendale, AZ known for reliability and transparent pricing. The company was started in 2007, has 2 technicians, and is owned by landscaping expert Cecilia Gutierrez.
Services offered:
βœ… Landscaping
⭐ 4.90 rating
πŸ‘₯ 2 employees
πŸ—“οΈ 13 yrs in business
Agavedevida Landscape Design & Logo
Agavedevida Landscape Design &
Laurie Scott -
11438 N 61St Ave, Glendale, AZ 85304
Since 2013, Agavedevida Landscape Design & has provided homeowners of Glendale with reliable turf maintenance, flowerbed maintenance, bush trimming and even irrigation. Owner Laurie Scott and his 2 service professionals are known for their reliability, integrity and customer satisfaction.
Services offered:
βœ… Landscaping
⭐ 5.00 rating
πŸ‘₯ 2 employees
πŸ—“οΈ 7 yrs in business
Natural Choice Lndscape Logo
Natural Choice Lndscape
Ernesto Padilla -
11403 N 58Th Dr, Glendale, AZ 85304
If you need landscape improved, flowerbed redone, or bushes pruned, Ernesto of Natural Choice Lndscape can help. They have 4 years experience helping Glendale residents with lawn challenges, offering hedge trimming, flowerbed maintenance, landscaping and more. They have expertise in all sorts of local plants and trees, from flowering dogwood to oak tree trees.
Services offered:
βœ… Landscaping
⭐ 4.50 rating
πŸ‘₯ 2 employees
πŸ—“οΈ 4 yrs in business
mobile mechanic towing .u Logo
mobile mechanic towing .u
gregory Turner -
6610 North 93rd Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85305
Services offered:
βœ… Lawn Mowing
βœ… Tree Care
βœ… Gutter Cleaning
βœ… Mulching
βœ… Cleanups
βœ… Bush Trimming
βœ… Landscaping
βœ… Leaf Removal
Share a law Logo
Share a law
Shara Hoffman -
5338 West Saint Moritz Lane, Glendale, AZ 85306
Services offered:
βœ… Lawn Mowing
βœ… Gutter Cleaning
βœ… Mulching
βœ… Cleanups
βœ… Bush Trimming
βœ… Landscaping
βœ… Leaf Removal
βœ… Bag Clippings
Yazzie's Private Lawn Care Logo
Yazzie's Private Lawn Care
Ashley Yazzie -
3502 West Quail Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85308
Services offered:
βœ… Lawn Mowing
βœ… Tree Care
βœ… Gutter Cleaning
βœ… Mulching
βœ… Cleanups
βœ… Bush Trimming
βœ… Landscaping
βœ… Leaf Removal
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