5 Botanical Gardens in Dayton, OH

Dayton, OH is filled with great places to go and fun things to do. Ohio is often considered a botanical haven, with gardens around the state for visitors to enjoy. If you are a gardener -- or want to get started in gardening -- these botanical gardens in the Dayton area can be a great place to spend a day and get some inspiration.

Wegerzyn Gardens Metropark

This garden is a place that many go to get inspired for gardening with native plants. Ideas for designs and combinations of plants are some of the main reasons visitors stop by Wegerzyn Gardens Metropark. Great for adults and kids alike, there are hands-on opportunities to learn about the plants, take a walk through the discovery garden and see different environments like woodlands or rivers. One of the top stops is the Giant Pedestal Oak, one of the largest trees in the area.

Garden Station

This art park and garden in downtown Dayton features a unique combination of plants, murals and sculptures. People often come out to take advantage of free concerts, plays or open air markets. Flowering plants line walkways, bringing bright colors to an area that was one an abandoned railway. Visit it to see how art and nature can work together to create beautiful spaces.

Valley View Memorial Gardens

Many cemeteries around the country feature beautiful flower arrangements, unique plants and peaceful spots to reflect. Several of these are in the Dayton area. Valley View Memorial Gardens is one such cemetery. Even if you don’t have family or friends buried here, you may find peace and inspiration in the lush green expanses or the creatively designed garden spaces.

Cox Arboretum and Gardens Metropark

This 189 acre park in Dayton has more than 500 varieties of trees and shrubs. Also with a rose garden, herb garden and native grass collection, gardeners will find some unique items they can dream of incorporating into their own backyard gardens. More than 3 miles of walking trails will give you the space to see all the wildflowers, shrubs and trees you can include -- and the butterfly garden will inspire you to find a way to bring those butterflies into your own garden.

Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum

Another beautiful cemetery in the Dayton area, the Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum is one of the oldest garden cemeteries in the country. The gateway opens up into a unique botanical and historical experience for visitors, whether or not they have a specific gravesite in mind to visit. There are 3,000 trees and 165 different species of plants in the garden cemetery’s 200 acres of land. Visit the Roman architecture and midwest plants to see what your garden may look like if it were able to survive hundreds of years.

Do you have your own personal garden? Maybe you got some inspiration visiting these Dayton botanical gardens? Check out our Dayton, OH services to see how we can get you started today!