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You would think with all the sun and warm weather, growing and maintaining a lawn in Pensacola would be a walk in the park. But humidity coupled with storms sure throws a wrench in your lawn care. Might it be easier to call in a professional? Let’s see if TruGreen is right for you and your Florida turf. 

We did the research for you so you can make the best decision for your yard. Though LawnStarter has an affiliate relationship with TruGreen, this TruGreen lawn care review is fair and unbiased.

TruGreen’s local branch in Pensacola offers various services, including fertilization, weed control, tree and shrub care, and outdoor pest control. The specialists at TruGreen are trained to create a customized lawn care plan that caters to your lawn’s individual needs, helping it to withstand Florida’s humidity, heat, and common pests.  

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TruGreen Pensacola At a Glance

While TruGreen offers many lawn care treatments, the company doesn’t offer everything. Take a look at this chart to see what services TruGreen provides.

Basic Lawn Treatments
Soil amendments✓ 
Weed control✓ 
Overseeding ✓ 
Planting grass seed for a new lawn
Sod installation
Lawn mowing
Does TruGreen offer eco-friendly options?✓ 
Does TruGreen serve commercial properties?
Does TruGreen give instant quotes online?✓ 
Does TruGreen have an online portal for scheduling, billing, etc.?✓ 

TruGreen Lawn Care Plans

TruGreen offers various lawn care package plans in Pensacola. Each lawn care plan is a little different, but they all include the following:

  • TruGreen Certified Specialists: TruGreen’s specialists are trained and certified through TruGreen’s TruExpert Certification Program.
  • TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Analysis: A TruGreen specialist will evaluate how your climate, soil type, grass type, weeds, thatch, and usage affect your lawn’s overall health. This allows the specialist to create a customized lawn care plan.
  • TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Guarantee: TruGreen guarantees you’ll be satisfied with your lawn care plan results, or a specialist will return to your property to fix the problem.

We researched TruGreen’s lawn care plans in Pensacola by entering local addresses into the company’s online ordering system. TruGreen recommended the following plans for Pensacola lawns, and we’ve listed them below from most expensive to least expensive. Your first application will be 50% off, and you can choose to pay for the whole year at once or one treatment at a time.

  • TruComplete Lawn Care Plan
  • TruNatural Lawn Care Plan
  • TruHealth Lawn Care Plan

TruComplete Lawn Care Plan

Do you have puddling on your lawn? Puddling can be a sign of soil compaction. Aeration can help relieve that compaction and create a healthier lawn. The TruComplete Lawn Care Plan is the most ideal for lawns needing a complete makeover. The services include:

  • Aeration (plus overseeding if needed)
  • Fertilization
  • Chinch bug prevention and control
  • Soil amendments
  • Pre-emergent and targeted weed control

TruNatural Lawn Care Plan

The TruNatural Lawn Care Plan is ideal if you’re looking for eco-friendly lawn care. A TruGreen specialist will use 100% natural fertilizer on your lawn to encourage growth and thicken it. Conventional weed control is available upon request at no additional cost. 

TruHealth Lawn Care Plan

Your soil may not need aeration, but it might still need some work. The TruHealth Lawn Care Plan prioritizes healthy soil through fertilization and soil amendments. It includes:

  • Fertilization
  • Chinch bug prevention and control
  • Soil amendments
  • Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
Healthy Lawn Guarantee
Healthy Lawn Analysis
TruGreen Certified Specialist
Chinch Bug Prevention and Control
Soil Amendments
Weed Control✓(Available upon request)

Day of Lawn Care: What to Expect

Once you sign up for a lawn care plan with TruGreen, a technician will schedule your first service. You’ll receive notifications the day before and the day of the appointment through email, text, and push notifications if you have the mobile app. You’re not required to be home, but if you’d like to be, let TruGreen know ahead of time so the technician can schedule accordingly. 

Before your first treatment:

  • Download the TruGreen app to track the driver in real-time.
  • Unlock your gates.
  • Bring pets and children inside.

When the technician arrives, they will:

  • Perform one or more treatments depending on the plan(s) you’re signed up for.

After the appointment is over:

  • Your technician will leave a service summary at your door or send it via text or email. It’s also available on TruGreen’s website and mobile app.
  • Your technician will plant a TruGreen sign on your lawn.
  • Wait an hour or two for liquid treatments to dry before letting your family and pets into the treated area.
  • Water your lawn with 1 inch of water within 48 hours of the treatment to deliver nutrients to the roots.
  • Complete a survey on the website or app to give feedback on your service and service provider.

Other TruGreen Services

TruGreen’s a la carte services complement the company’s lawn care plans, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space to its fullest extent.

Keep in mind that TruGreen doesn’t offer lawn mowing. When you need someone to mow the lawn, turn to LawnStarter

TruGreen recommended the following services for Pensacola homes when we entered local addresses into its online ordering system. Don’t see the service you’re looking for in the list below? Call your local TruGreen for further options. 

Lawn Aeration Services

Is your soil compact, but you don’t want to commit to the TruComplete plan? TruGreen offers aeration services separately. This service is also a good fit if you perform your own lawn care but don’t want to buy (or rent) an aerator.

Chinch Bug Control

Chinch bugs are the most damaging lawn-destroying pests in the Sunshine State. They pierce the tips of your grass blades, sucking the juice (and moisture) right out, leaving brown or dying spots on your lawn. TruGreen will monitor your lawn at each visit and treat at the first sight of chinch bugs. 

Mosquito Control

You’ll want to spend more time outside once your lawn is green again. But you won’t want to be swatting mosquitoes. TruGreen’s Mosquito Defense promises to protect you against these pesky, disease-carrying pests.

A TruGreen specialist will apply a professional mosquito repellent to target mosquito populations. This treatment is designed to control mosquitoes within 24 hours and offer protection for one month. 

TruGreen guarantees your satisfaction. If you’re still swatting mosquitoes after treatment, a TruGreen specialist will return to resolve the issue. 

Tree and Shrub Care

Are you looking to bring the essence of your outdoor space together? Tree and shrub maintenance is an important part of that. TruGreen’s Tree and Shrub Care begins with a TruGreen specialist performing a tree and shrub analysis to create a customized plan for you. 

The specialist will apply the following to keep your plants healthy:

  • Fertilization
  • Disease control
  • Insect and mite control

Did a problem arise between scheduled visits? TruGreen’s Tree and Shrub Care is backed by TruGreen’s satisfaction guarantee, meaning a specialist will return to your property as many times as needed to fix the problem.

Fire Ant Control

Pensacola’s high temperatures, humidity, and moisture are an open invitation to fire ants

TruGreen’s fire ant control is a one-treatment approach that offers season-long relief. 

A TruGreen specialist will control fire ants one of two ways. If you have any current ant hills, the specialist will apply a targeted treatment near the mound, or the specialist will apply a preventative broadcast treatment over your entire yard.

Perimeter Pest Control

As if chinch bugs, mosquitoes, and fire ants weren’t enough, you still have other pests like spiders creeping around. TruGreen’s Perimeter Pest Control can help prevent a wide variety of pests from sneaking indoors, such as:

  • Ants
  • Boxelder bugs
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Earwigs
  • Kudzu bugs
  • Lady beetles
  • Millipedes
  • Mud daubers
  • Paper wasps
  • Scorpions
  • Sow bugs
  • Spiders
  • Stink bugs

TruGreen’s perimeter pest control does not treat for the following pests: 

  • Wood-destroying organisms like termites
  • Bed bugs
  • Bees
  • Fleas
  • German cockroaches
  • Hornets
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Rodents
  • Ticks

How to Get an Instant Quote and Order Service Online

Have you decided TruGreen is the right fit for you? Or are you trying to show your neighbor how easy it is to get a quote? You can receive an instant quote from TruGreen and order service in a few short minutes.

Step 1: Visit and click ‘see pricing.’

TruGreen Step 1

Step 2: Select any boxes that apply to you. Click ‘continue’.

TruGreen Step 2

Step 3: Enter your name, address, email address, and phone number.

TruGreen Step 3

Step 4: TruGreen will display a page full of services it recommends for your location, lawn size, and needs. Scroll through the options and click the boxes on the left-hand side of the page to add plans and treatments to your cart. 

Don’t see the service you’re looking for? Give your local TruGreen branch a call.

TruGreen Pensacola
8810-B Grow Rd
Pensacola, FL 32514
(850) 477-3257

Step 5: After you’ve reviewed the available services and have made a decision on which plan best fits your needs, proceed to payment. TruGreen has the option for you to pay by credit card as a single payment or have the payment divided between the services.

Note: If TruGreen can’t calculate your lawn size, it will prompt you to use an aerial tool to measure your lawn using satellite imaging. Follow the tutorial and then outline your front yard, back yard, and side yards to receive your quote. Only outline treatable areas.

TruGreen’s aerial too

TruGreen Pensacola Customer Reviews

Your Aunt in New York swears by TruGreen, but your cousin in Colorado warns against the lawn company. TruGreen has hundreds of branches across the country, so it’s best to hear what your neighbors have to say about your local TruGreen branch. That’s why we’ve collected the following customer reviews for TruGreen in Pensacola:

Positive review: Treatments to my lawn are going well, with a little time watering 1 or 2 times a week when it hasn’t rained is really the only thing I’m doing…TruGreen has really helped me understand my lawn.” – Molly C. (Google review)

Positive review: Our yard is 5 years old and let’s face it you don’t get high-end grass when purchasing a new home. We gave up and called TruGreen. They have done two applications and the lawn is starting to look good, weeds are dying… of course grass will be going dormant soon but we have high hopes we won’t have tons of weeds in the spring and the grass will look so much better. It is well worth having this service and not worrying when to fertilize, when to put weed killers down, and what kind, plus the cost of all that. This is a time saver and we are not constantly stressing over the lawn. Plus they are so nice and helpful in answering all concerns.” – Jana B. (Yelp review)

Negative review: Buyer beware…They are great when you set up service but after that it is all downhill. You cannot call directly to the location or technician that provides your service.  The customer service is limited to taking messages to pass along to the manager that will try to reach you 2 times then they close out your request! So if you are working or can’t answer your phone you have to start all over again! I recommend finding a different company.” – Bobbie M. (Yelp review)

Benefits of Lawn Care Services

Still on the fence about lawn care? Sometimes lawn care jargon like aeration and overseeding can sound like gibberish, but these treatments can have a big impact on your lawn’s health. Let’s take a look at how TruGreen’s services can boost your lawn.

Benefits of Fertilization

Your lawn needs nutrients to thrive. Fertilization combines three main nutrients your lawn needs: 

  • Nitrogen: Gives your lawn that beautiful green color
  • Phosphorus: Encourages the development of healthy roots and stems
  • Potassium: Helps your turf have the strength to fight off lawn diseases, pests, and droughts

When your soil is deficient in these nutrients, your turfgrass weakens and struggles to grow, causing it to become more susceptible to pest and disease damage. 

Benefits of Aeration

An aeration service is a breath of fresh air for your grass. Core aeration removes plugs of soil from the ground to relieve soil compaction. Loosening the soil helps the roots receive water, air, and nutrients.  

These spoil plugs will break down in one to two weeks, providing nutrients to your lawn. About six to eight weeks after the aeration, your lawn will develop a deeper, healthier root system.  

Benefits of Soil Amendments

A great lawn starts in the soil. If the pH of the soil is too acidic or too alkaline, the roots can’t receive the necessary nutrients. Soil amendments help improve the soil’s pH. By returning the pH to a balanced level between 6.0 and 7.0, your turf will have a much better chance for healthy growth. 

Benefits of Weed Control

Clover, crabgrass, dandelions, and nutsedge are all common weeds in Pensacola lawns. These weeds can sometimes grow faster than your turf, making weed control an important and necessary step.

Without prompt attention, weeds can completely take over your lawn as they steal the nutrients, water, and space intended for your turfgrass. With proper weed control, you can return those necessities back to your grass. 

Benefits of Overseeding

Is your lawn looking thin and patchy? An overseeding could be beneficial for your turf. Overseeding adds new seeds to your existing lawn to create fuller, greener turf. It also helps to prevent weeds, diseases, and pests from invading the lawn.  

TruGreen Highlights

What captivates the people of the City of Five Flags to hire TruGreen? Let’s explore some of TruGreen’s highlights.

Community Commitment

TruGreen has a record of giving back to the community. When a local branch surpasses expected results, that branch gets the opportunity to donate to a charitable organization. Organizations that have received thousands of dollars of donations from TruGreen include:

  • St Jude’s Children’s Hospital
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Children of Fallen Patriots
  • American Red Cross
  • The Salvation Army
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Feed the Hungry

Product Safety

TruGreen uses EPA-registered products. All TruGreen products must meet a minimum standard of health, safety, and environmental impact. On top of that, TruGreen offers its TruNatural Lawn Care Plan, which uses 100% natural fertilizer.

40 Years of Experience

TruGreen has been tending lawns for homeowners and commercial properties since 1973. It started as a small business but has since grown into a large company with over 2.3 million customers.

Decades of experience has allowed TruGreen to craft its lawn care service, create its own training program for specialists, and hone its relationship with customers. 

Final Word on TruGreen Pensacola

TruGreen Pensacola offers lawn care services like fertilization, aeration, weed control, and overseeding. The services don’t stop at lawn maintenance, though. The company also offers grub, fire ant, and perimeter pest control services. 

The specialists at TruGreen are trained and certified to handle various lawn problems. The Healthy Lawn Analysis enables the specialists to create customized plans for each customer, ensuring your lawn receives exactly what it needs to thrive.

While TruGreen doesn’t offer mowing, LawnStarter connects you with local pros who will. The best part? When you pass your lawn care to TruGreen or LawnStarter, you’ll have more free time to go paddle boarding or dolphin watching along the Pensacola Bay.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Lawn Care Company

Even if your neighbors have a lawn care company they love, you still want to do your due diligence to ensure you make the best decision. Here are some things to consider when choosing a lawn care company.

Services Offered

Have you ever returned from the grocery store and realized you forgot a crucial ingredient? Don’t let that happen for lawn care services. Create a shopping list of everything your lawn needs and check which companies in your area provide them all.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

When you’re paying a company for weed control, regardless of how stubborn some might be, you still expect to see results. When a company guarantees satisfaction, you can have more confidence in the company’s expertise. 


If you’re the type of person who loves updates, you want to look for a company with excellent communication. Ask the company how it plans to notify you regarding upcoming appointments, cancellations, and billings. Find out whether you can call the local office directly with questions or if you’ll be transferred to a call center.  

FAQ About Lawn Care

How Do Lawn Diseases Start?

Improper lawn care techniques are a common cause of lawn diseases, such as: 

  • Overfertilizing
  • Overwatering
  • Watering in the evenings
  • Soil compaction
  • Improper mowing techniques

Do I Need to Bag My Grass Clippings After I Mow?

It depends. Grass clippings have nutrients, and allowing them to stay on your lawn lets your lawn receive those healthy nutrients. You’ll also save time by leaving the clippings on your lawn since you won’t have to bag them.

On the other hand, if you notice any signs of lawn disease, you should bag those clippings so the disease doesn’t spread. You can also bag grass clippings if you simply don’t like how they look on your lawn. 

How Often Should I Water My Lawn?

Most established lawns require 1 inch of water per week. Water your lawn once or twice a week, but no more. Here’s why: 

Watering less often and for long periods encourages a deep and healthy root system. Watering too often and for short periods promotes a shallow and weak root system. 

DIY Lawn Care

Mower? Check. Weed eater and edger? Check. Irrigation system or sprinkler? Check. Lawns require a significant commitment of time and energy. During the active growing season, a lawn will need a weekly mow plus ensuring adequate water. That only touches the basics, though.

You may want to invest in a spreader to evenly distribute fertilizer, new grass seed, or granular weed killer. A tool to aerate your lawn might be a good investment, too. 

Remember: Be careful with your DIY lawn care because overfertilizing and overwatering could make your lawn more susceptible to pests and diseases. Oh no!

Is DIY lawn maintenance starting to sound like a big mountain to climb? Sometimes, hiring a pro is the best way to go, especially if you want to relax on the weekends and enjoy Pensacola Beach. When your ailing lawn needs a health boost, call up a TruGreen specialist. When your lawn needs trimming, edging, and mowing, turn to the LawnStarter pros. 

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