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The 12 Metro Areas With the Biggest Houses

Bigger families translate into bigger houses, right? In Utah, that’s definitely the case. Three of the top five places in LawnStarter’s new ranking of the metro areas with the biggest houses are held by metro areas in Utah. Provo-Orem grabs the No. 1 spot, with 57 percent of owner-occupied homes […]

Home and Garden, Kissimmee, FL

The Top 5 Majestic Lawns in Kissimmee, FL

The Top 5 Most Majestic Lawns in Kissimmee, FL “Kissimmee” is derived from a Native American word for “village.” Or from a Spanish mission called Atissimi. Or from the Spanish name for the area, “Cacema.” Whichever explanation you prefer, Kissimmee began as a haven for Native American tribes escaping European […]

Home and Garden, Portland, OR

The Top 5 Hardscape Designs in Portland, Ore.

Having a stellar exterior design is just as important as having a stellar interior design. Interestingly enough, both have very similar conceptual approaches. Garden design, much like interior design, has two constructed elements: the hard palette and soft palette. The hard palette includes brick paving, concrete, stone or wood decking. […]