Home Exterior Upgrade With the Best ROI
St. Louis

Home Exterior Upgrade With the Best ROI

When you’re preparing to put your home on the market, all sorts of little problems suddenly jump out at you. What will buyers think of the track lighting, the damp basement, the wall-to-wall carpeting in the media room? It can be tempting to update everything at once, and put the […]

Rocky Mountain wood tick Credit: NPS / Jacob W. Frank
Colorado, Denver, CO, Pest control

How to Control Ticks in Denver

Think of Denver and ticks, and the first thing that might come to mind is Rocky Mountain spotted fever. But that’s a common misconception. “Despite the name, it’s very rare,” says Dr. Whitney Cranshaw, a professor of entomology at Colorado State University. Ticks, in general, are rare in urban areas […]

Pollen on a car
Cincinnati, OH, Ohio, Tree care

Worst Allergy Trees in Cincinnati

Tree pollen can make some people absolutely miserable. That could explain why the most popular page on the website for the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency in Cincinnati remains the pollen and mold one, says Joy Landry, public relations specialist. “Allergy sufferers bookmark it.” When a person suffers from an […]

German cockroach. Judy Gallagher, CC 2.0
Florida, Orlando, FL, Pest control

Most-Common Orlando Insect Pests

Whether your new Orlando home is newly constructed or preowned, multiple pests may call the residence “home sweet home” too. With its year-round warm temperatures, subtropical climate and humidity, Florida, including Orlando is one of the buggiest locations in the United States. Below we’ve outlined some of the most-common Orlando […]