How to Beat the Heat: Tips from LawnStarter’s Pros

LawnStarter pro Jesse Nunez beats the heat with ice cold water

How can you beat the record heat and better handle days of triple-digit temperatures? LawnStarter’s pros drink lots of ice water, mow lawns early in the day (when possible), and they stay covered up to avoid sunburn. 

With much of the U.S. baking and scorching summers more common, these tips may help you stay more chill if you have to go outside:

Keep Cold Water Handy

LawnStarter pro Jesse Nunez freezes his water bottle every night and drinks the cold water all day long to cool off. 

Nunez and his crew also wear long sleeves with reflective colors to keep cooler. He says it works much better than shorts and sleeveless shirts. 

The owner of Clean Cut Landscaping in Englewood, Colorado, also does not allow any crew members to go shirtless because of the risk of sunburn.

Keep Your Neck Cool

LawnStarter pro Justin Stultz in Hutto, Texas, says keeping his neck cool is how he beats the heat mowing, edging, and trimming yards. He cites research showing that carotid artery cooling is extremely effective for keeping your face and head cool.

“I SWEAR by it,” Stultz says. “I’m a solo operator and can breeze through even the hottest parts of the day – I’m talking 105+ with heat index – with a cold/frozen bandanna.”

Main Photo Credit: Brenda Ryan / LawnStarter


Jeff Herman and Brenda Ryan

Jeff Herman is editor-in-chief of LawnStarter, and Brenda Ryan is former content director for LawnStarter.