The Rise of Organic Farming [Infographic]

With organic food sales in the U.S. soaring to nearly $36 billion in 2014 and the organic category now accounting for close to 5 percent of all U.S. food sales, organic farmers are reaping considerable benefits.

A survey by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service found that the more than 14,000 organic farms in the U.S. sold $5.5 billion worth of organic products in 2014. That was a 72 percent jump compared with 2008.

For those unfamiliar with it, organic farming goes beyond simply excluding genetically modified seeds, chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

“Organic farming can be defined by the proactive, ecological management strategies that maintain and enhance soil fertility, prevent soil erosion, promote and enhance biological diversity, and minimize risk to human and animal health and natural resources,” according to

In this infographic, LawnStarter offers an overview of the state of organic farming in the U.S.

Organic Farming Infographic - LawnStarter


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