15 Cities Most Interested In National Pumpkin Day 2018

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The beginning of fall can only mean one thing–the return of the feverishly anticipated pumpkin craving is back and in full force. The fall season is a time to embrace seasonal scents, foliage color change, comforting sweaters and most importantly pumpkin season. Social media platforms, like Instagram, reveal no shortage of carved jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin patch visits. There is no better way to celebrate fall’s favorite icon than with a proclaimed holiday on October 26, National Pumpkin Day.  

Fall harvests have always featured pumpkins as a key ingredient, with its history dating back to as early as 5500 BC in North America. Pumpkins have come a long way from being a bitter gourd, used only for its seeds, to be the harbinger of the harvest season. The season of pumpkins inundates us as a staple for inspiring decor and foods including cakes, chips, hummus, and of course the pinnacle of pumpkin spice–the ‘PSL’ (Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte).

LawnStarter researched Google Trends data to discover what metro areas have been searching for information about National Pumpkin Day. This year, residents of Rochester, New York are in unusually high spirits for the pumpkin season.


Why is Rochester so passionate about pumpkins?

The earlier arrival of cooler weather up north gives Rochester a head start for getting into the festive spirit. The fall foliage in Rochester hit its peak in mid-October this year while most states are still just beginning to see their leaves turn yellow.

Rochester is minutes away from one of Upper New York States’s favorite pumpkin patches: Stockoe Farms. Last year Stokoe Farms cultivated an incredible corn maze in tribute of Susan B. Anthony, a champion of women’s’ rights. This year it features a tender anti-bullying message. Stokoe Farms has over 37 harvest activities including wagon rides, pumpkin launching, and of course, pumpkin picking.

A couple hours north of Rochester is Clayton, New York, home to one of the few official annual Pumpkin Chucking competitions in the United States. Lovingly referred to as ‘Punkin Chunkin’, the games have also captivated Rochesterians. Inspired, the University of Rochester opens its doors to the public for an unofficial competition where contestants can bring their own devices, such as cannons and catapults, to hurl pumpkins the furthest distance possible.

The Top Cities Showing Interest in “National Pumpkin Day”

Fall is an excellent season for gardening and pumpkins are at the center of the obsession. Google Trends’ insights revealed these top 15 cities that lead the country with the most searches for the term “pumpkin day” within the last month.

  1. Rochester, NY

Rochester NY

Google Trends Score: 100

  1. Richmond-Petersburg, VA

Richmond VA

Google Trends Score: 86

  1. Omaha, NE


Google Trends Score: 81

  1. Huntsville-Decatur (Florence), AL

Google Trends Score: 63

  1. Columbus, OH

Google Trends Score: 61

  1. Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA

Sacramento CA

Google Trends Score: 58

  1. Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee WI

Google Trends Score:  67


  1. Toledo, OH

Toledo OH

Google Trends Score: 56

  1. Green Bay-Appleton, WI

Google Trends Score: 52

  1. Hartford & New Haven, CT

Hartford CT

Google Trends Score: 52

  1. Buffalo, NY

Buffalo NY

Google Trends Score: 50

  1. Greensboro-High Point-Winston Salem, NC
Greebsboro, North Carolina, USA downtown skyline.

Google Trends Score: 50

  1. Madison, WI

Madison WI

Google Trends Score: 49

  1. Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA

Google Trends Score:  48

15. Boston, MA-Manchester NH

Boston MA

Google Trends Score:  47

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Feature image source: Wikimedia

Resource: Google Trends: Data was pulled on October 22, 2018, for the search term “pumpkin day.”


Rachael Baihn

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