Blue butterfly bush
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7 Hot Houston Landscaping Trends

It’s no secret that people in Houston love their yards.  Just drive through West University, River Oaks, the Heights, Spring Branch, or the outlying suburbs. You’ll see a variety of beautiful plants and landscape design. Yes, despite the quick-changing temperatures, humidity, and ongoing challenges of heat and heavy rain, Houston […]


Planting, Caring for and Harvesting Blueberry Bushes

Ahh. The taste of yummy blueberry muffins made with fresh blueberries picked from your backyard’s blueberry bushes can be a reality without too much fuss. “Blueberries are consumers’ top preferred berry for their delicious taste and health benefits and growing them can be quite easy in the right conditions,” says […]

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Zombie Trees: OK on Outside, Dying on Inside

It sounds ominous. However, Jason Grabosky, professor of urban forestry in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources at Rutgers University’s School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, says there’s no cause for alarm. Zombie trees shouldn’t scare you. Yes, a zombie tree that appears to be rooted in the ground can topple […]

Espaliered pear tree
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How to Espalier a Fruit Tree

I’ll admit that at first the idea of backing a tree up against a wall, flattening it into a single plane occupying a mere few inches, and then training branches to grow outward instead of upward seemed rather silly. Why wouldn’t you plant a tree with the intent of having […]

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Landscaping for Shade

In the heat of the summer, finding respite in a hammock under a shady spot is bliss. But trying to find shade-loving plants, flowers, shrubs and even groundcovers to beautify your front yard and backyard can turn your mood dark. Those same beautiful, full-grown trees block the sun’s nurturing rays and […]