Tips for Summer Lawn Care in Phoenix, AZ

summer lawn care phoenix az

Summer lawn care in Phoenix, AZ can seem a daunting task with the desert climate. Thankfully the rain season is upon homeowners in the summer months, making it a little easier to provide care for what can be a more dry soil base. Some people will sink thousands into the maintenance of their yard, making the rest of us assume that’s what we should do too. This isn’t the case–In fact, with a little know-how and by following these tips, you can make your lawn the talk of the cul-de-sac. Here are some questions and tips on how to care for your summertime lawn in Phoenix. 

What kind of fertilizer should I get?

Most of the soil in Arizona is Casa Grande soil, which has a lot of clay and salt. This kind of soil can be lacking in a few key areas. First, it doesn’t have enough organic matter to produce the kind of lawn you want. Second, it tends to be alkaline due to the high concentration of clay present in the ground. This can cause your grass to begin yellowing. This is a sign that the soil is high in alkaline to allow your grass to get the proper iron from the soil. You can combat this by using a sulfur fertilizer or an organic fertilizer to bring down its pH level.

When should I fertilize my lawn?

Knowing when to fertilize your lawn is just as important as knowing what kind of fertilizer to use. You should fertilize multiple times a year, dependant on the season — and especially if you’re preparing to sell your home. Fertilizing for summer begins in the late spring months, April through June. By fertilizing early, you help give your lawn the energy it needs to be as efficient as it can be during the growing season of summer. During the summer, you should fertilize again to ensure optimal growth and that your lawn will stick around. You should do this somewhere between June and August to help set up for the fall when you can entertain people on your lawn. By adhering to these practices, your lawn will look its best.

How much should I water my lawn?

We all know how hot it can get in Phoenix, with records sitting at 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Water during the day, and you’re bound to lose some of that vital water your plants need. Doing it about two hours before sunrise will help give the plants a fighting chance.

Now that we know when to water, we can answer how much. How can you tell how much is too much? Well, the answer might be simpler than you think. An hour after you finish watering your yard, go out with a soil probe or a screwdriver and insert it into the ground. If it goes smoothly and isn’t too difficult, then you’re watering enough. If it’s too difficult, then you’re not watering enough.

How much should I mow my lawn?

This is a great question! It depends on the kind of grass you have on your property. Different grasses need different levels of trimming. You don’t want to scalp your lawn, and you don’t want it to become overgrown. Here’s a guide on proper trimming length for various kinds of grass:

  • Bermuda- 1.5”-2”
  • Hybrid Bermuda-0.5”-1”
  • Perennial Rye or Annual Rye- 1.5”-2”

With these tips, your lawn is sure to grow to be a beautiful thing to take pride in. Remember to be patient, as it can take several weeks for your lawn to fully utilize all that you’re giving it. So long as you don’t give up, you’ll have a thriving lawn and a great place to sit in the Sun.

Need additional help? Visit our Phoenix lawn care page for more info! Aside from Phoenix, we also provide lawn care services to the southwest in cities including, Tucson, AZ, Albuquerque, NM, and San Diego, CA.

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