Author: Sean Cook

memphis lawn care
Memphis, TN

Spring Lawn Care Tips for Memphis, TN

Once March hits in Memphis, TN, the temperatures climb to a mild 35 degrees at its lowest temperature. With highs of 60 degrees, spring officially becomes the start to any garden and lawn care tasks. We’re getting a taste of the heat to come, and so is your lawn. If […]

summer lawn care phoenix az
AZ, Phoenix

Tips for Summer Lawn Care in Phoenix, AZ

Summer lawn care in Phoenix, AZ can seem a daunting task with the desert climate. Thankfully the rain season is upon homeowners in the summer months, making it a little easier to provide care for what can be a more dry soil base. Some people will sink thousands into the […]

AZ, Phoenix

Fall Lawn Care Tips for Phoenix, AZ

Living in Phoenix, Arizona–the fall weather patterns have quite the range from lows of 70’s and highs of 100’s in September to lows of 50’s and highs of 70’s by November. A range that can really affect your lawn and the care needed for it in order to thrive through the mild […]