The 10 Best Landscaping Companies in Portland, OR

The Rose City is plentiful in the amount of gorgeous landscapes that can surround a home. Our area is great for growing many plants in rain gardens that respond to the constant wet environment that the Portland metro area has year round. We scoured the internet for the top Portland-based landscapers, landscape designers, and landscape architects in our area looking at their websites, their business model, and most importantly what customers are saying about their work.

Our team here at LawnStarter Portland compiled this list of the top 10 landscapers (in no particular order) in Portland, OR for those who are looking to get various landscaping projects done this year. Check out our top picks for the Portland metro area.

1) Mountain View Landscapes

Source: Mountain View Landscapes

Company Bio: Mountain View Landscapes has been in the landscape design business in Portland for over 25 years. Owned by Russ Alex, Mountain View Landscapes offers a traditional approach to customer service with a handshake and multiple follow ups. They offer complete start to finish landscaping and stand behind their work with a 1 year satisfaction guarantee. Mountain View Landscapes specializes in both commercial and residential projects with year round lawn care service as well.

Phone: (503) 793-1550

2) C&J Landscapes, LLC

Source: C&J Landscapes, LLC

Company Bio: C&J Landscapes was started in 2012 by a pair of friends, Chris and Juan, who had worked together for other construction companies. Both owners specialize in their own field with Chris doing much of the irrigation and drainage work while Juan does the hardscapes and water features. C&J Landscapes specializes in installing landscapes and doing minor grading repair. They install hardscapes like driveways, patios, and pavers as well as other services.

Phone: (503) 319-7577

3) VIP Green Maintenance & Landscaping, LLC

Source: VIP Green Maintenance & Landscaping, LLC

Company Bio: Serving the Portland area since 2008, VIP Green Maintenance & Landscaping, LLC has worked to provide both residential and commercial landscaping for a wide range of customers. They specialize in hardscape installation as well as total landscape design. Sprinkler system services are also available and they have many happy customers who appreciate their help in adding design touches to make projects even better than imagined.

Phone: (360) 608-6993

4) The Green Seed Landscaping Co

Source: The Green Seed

Company Bio: This small landscaping company is owned and operated by Austin and Emily who are a husband and wife team. They work together in providing for their family by creating gorgeous landscaping and design services to customers East of the Willamette. The Green Seed focuses on an eco-friendly approach to gardening and will offer ways to have a beautiful garden while not hurting the environment. Small details are their specialty as the owners are intricately involved in each and every project.

Phone: (503) 490-6340

5) Elkridge Landscape Construction

Source: Elkridge Landscape Construction

Company Bio: This 4th generation owned company is currently owned by Keith Phillips who has over 28 years of landscaping experience. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and specialize in water features, retaining walls, and sprinkler care. Elkridge Landscape Construction also offers seeding and sod installation, fencing, hardscaping, and fire pit construction. This family owned company has proven themselves as a top competitor in the Portland area with their many decades of satisfied customers.

Phone: (503) 663-7840

6) Green Growth Landscape Maintenance, LLC

Source: Green Growth Landscape Maintenance, LLC

Company Bio: As a newer company in the Portland market Green Growth Landscape Maintenance, LLC has 7 years under their belt with providing homeowners with beautiful landscapes. They work closely with clients to offer tailored solutions to landscaping issues. Green Growth provides a wide range of services from paving to installing new sod or grass seed. They also provide regular lawn maintenance and take pride in providing excellent customer service from start to finish.

Phone: (503) 710-1287

7) Pro Scape N.W. Inc.

Source: Pro Scape N.W. Inc.

Company Bio: Since 1987 Pro Scape N.W. Inc. has offered residential and commercial landscaping for medium to larger sized clients. They offer paving stone installation as well as patios and pathways. Irrigation systems are also their specialty as well as water features and retaining walls. They have many satisfied customers in the area including regular maintenance for school districts and parks.

Phone: (503) 653-8707

8) Danshap Landscaping

Source: Danshap Landscaping

Company Bio: Danshap Landscaping specializes in doing all of the dirty work for you with their seasonal yard clean up services. They clean gutters, offer landscaping and garden services, as well as provide yard clean up. They also power wash exterior surfaces and install sod for their many satisfied customers. Danshap is a great company that will gladly take smaller jobs that the bigger guys won’t touch. They provide the back breaking work so that you don’t have to!

Phone: (360) 601-8023

9) Terra-Sol Landscaping, Ltd.

Source: Terra-Sol Landscaping, Ltd.

Company Bio: Terra-Sol Landscaping, Ltd. has been owned and operated for over 37 years by David Zimmerman. He has seen it all when it comes to landscaping projects in the Pacific Northwest and has the experience to make sure that each project is handled correctly. They provide high quality landscaping for the annual Street of Dreams in the Portland area as well. The Terra-Sol staff can handle any project with experts in landscape design, hardscaping, and lawn maintenance.

Phone: (503) 691-6105

10) Anderson Landscape Maintenance

Source: Anderson Landscape Maintenance

Company Bio: Started in 2006 by a pair of friends, Anderson Landscape Maintenance has carved a name for themselves in the Portland landscape design market as the top choice for tree maintenance. They specialize in removing trees as well as total tree care and landscaping maintenance. They also offer exterior cleaning services like power washing and debris removal. If you have a troublesome tree on your property Anderson Landscape and Maintenance is definitely who you should call.

Phone: (503) 659-3172

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