LawnStarter Reviews – How Reviews of LawnStarter Pros Bring You the Best

LawnStarter reviews are at the core of our experience.

LawnStarter brings you the top lawn care professionals near you via a simple to use mobile app, so you the customer have one less thing to worry about.

But how do we know who the best professionals are?

Well, as it turns out, public reviews on sites like Yelp aren’t so accurate.  The problem with reviews on Yelp is that they are written by a vocal minority, which is defined as “The small group of individuals that frequently and strongly voice their opinions,  contrasting with the silent majority that makes up most of the population base, but rarely give their opinions.”  Furthermore, businesses are prohibited from asking for reviews.  This means that totally satisfied customers have really no reason to review.  Other sites encourage reviews, but many business owners don’t have time to ask for them.

LawnStarter reviews bring you the best

That’s why we created our internal feedback mechanism, which simply prompts every customer to leave a review after each service.  It’s an easy way to give feedback – positive or negative.  And, since the feedback goes directly to the pros, LawnStarter professionals can change how they do the service the next time based on that feedback.

Since it’s so easy, over 80% of LawnStarter jobs get reviewed.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that the best providers can improve, for one.  Furthermore, the reviews give us the data to not only match you with a local lawn care professional, but with the highest reviewed LawnStarter professional in your area.

We also take more into account than just reviews.  We weight more recent reviews heavier, to reflect how that pro is doing at the current point in time.  Additionally, we measure things like how many jobs the professional has taken, how many years they have been in business, how punctual they are, and their equipment so that customer get the best experience possible.

We also understand that a given LawnStarter professional may not be the best fit for you.  So, if you get a professional that you did not like for whatever reason, you can simply switch that professional and get another.  This is much easier than calling around, getting estimates, and hiring another professional that may or may not be better.

LawnStarter is more than just reviews

In addition to hundreds of thousands of reviews, LawnStarter provides easy-to-use technology so that you can manage everything.  In addition to rating your LawnStarter professional, you can skip service, change frequency, and request quotes from reviewed LawnStarter professionals.

We’re on a mission to make lawn care easy, and LawnStarter reviews are key to that.

Top LawnStarter Reviews 2018

Review #1 – What may be said of Spencer’s work? The grass left so soft and green. To gaze upon Spencer’s work is like gazing upon the face of creation. Every blade of grass cut with such passion and emotion. To return home from an arduous, soul crushing day at work to set eyes upon my lawn after that artist, no, that maestro of yard care Spencer has lovingly cultivated my sod is rejuvenating. Every time Spencer visits his life giving touch upon my humble abode my knees quake and I collapse to the ground, heart shaken to the core by the symphonic melody of weed whackers and zero degree turn radius mowers. As I claw my way to my window, my eyes fill with tears, not of sadness, but of rapture as I see that angelic guardian of grass breathing life into my yardage. In his wake, Spencer leaves a swath of beauty beyond the deserving of mortal eyes to behold. I fling my head back and cry out, shouting praises to God in heaven in tongues I do not comprehend, that one man can so effortlessly craft a masterw – Reviewed by scott b. in Beltsville, MD

Review #2 – This is our last scheduled yard service and I cannot say enough good things about Gerrad Peterson and his company and the service they have provided. My brother, sister and I are all out of town and contacted Lawn Starter to help us maintain our parent’s yard after they passed away and while the property was on the market. They hooked us up with Gerrad and his company and we could not have been more pleased with the care they took in getting the yard back in shape. They performed a major clean-up for us when they first got the job, mowed and edged each week as well as handled clean-ups after storms and Hurricane Matthew. Gerrad was great about sending before and after pictures so we would know what the yard looked like before and after these services. The pricing for these services were reasonable and it was easy to contact him and ask questions. I would highly recommend him for future work with your company. – Reviewed by David R. in Phoenix, AZ

Review #3 – Today I was pleasantly surprised. Since it rained almost everyday for the past week or longer in the DFW area, I figured that the Integra Lawns grass cutting service would most likely be several days behind in their mowing schedule. So needless to say, when I heard the familiar hum of a electric lawn mower around three in the afternoon, I honesty thought it was my neighbor from next door cutting his lawn. But then the mower came around the corner of my house and passed by my bedroom window and it turned out to be to my surprise, one of the grass cutters from Integra Lawns. Yes, in spite of the off and on rainy weather, he was only one day off from his regular mowing schedule at my residence. Instead of arriving on Friday morning his normal grass cutting day, he showed up this Saturday afternoon. But he did do his normal great job of mowing my lawn to my complete satisfaction!↵↵Phil W.R.↵Fort Worth, TX – Reviewed by Philip R. in Fort Worth, TX

Review #4 – It went great. It looks good so far. I wasn’t able to walk outside when they were done. But the front looks good. The ivy and baby shoots of bamboo didn’t get mowed because it’s just too wet back there today. I want it mowed because my grass just gradually takes over with time and then the ivy is gone. And the small sections of baby bamboo just caves in to the mower or weedwacker. I like that stuff clear so I can see the park. If it doesn’t get mowed it will take over. I know once that gets mowed it will look great back there too. So the ivy and bamboo still needs to be mowed or whacked. They pulled up or squirt-killed the weeds. So the yard is looking more loved. Once the sun is out, there will be a nice glow I bet. Thank you. I’m starting to have a big girl’s yard. Yea. Yea. Now I can think ahead to flower beds and real FLOWERS. – Reviewed by Susan C. in Alexandria, VA

Review #5 – It went great. It looks good so far. I wasn’t able to walk outside when they were done. But the front looks good. The ivy and baby shoots of bamboo didn’t get mowed because it’s just too wet back there today. I want it mowed because my grass just gradually takes over with time and then the ivy is gone. And the small sections of baby bamboo just caves in to the mower or weedwacker. I like that stuff clear so I can see the park. If it doesn’t get mowed it will take over. I know once that gets mowed it will look great back there too. They pulled up or squirt-killed the weeds. So the yard is looking more loved. Once the sun is out, there will be a nice glow I bet. Thank you. I’m starting to have a big girl’s yard. Yea. Yea. Now I can think ahead to flower beds and real FLOWERS. – Reviewed by Susan C. in Seffner, FL

Review #6 – Regarding the quote for additional cleanup: I rejected it because it was going to take too long to get it done. I had to wait two weeks just to get the quote, then the quote said it was going to take another two weeks for someone to come do it. I can hire someone today who will come tomorrow (or possibly even today). Not sure how you staff these requests. It appears that the same person who does my yard is also fulfilling these quotes. If he’s the only one doing all of this, then I see no advantage–in fact, a significant disadvantage– to using this app for this work. Jake has done a good job of mowing, but my yard is completely overgrown with other stuff because of the rain, and I’m not going to wait a month to have it cleaned up. – Reviewed by Dustin H. in Port Richey, FL

Review #5 – Thanks again for making the extra effort in getting to my lawn. I greatly appreciate it!↵↵My lawn is looking better than ever. Heck it’s looking better than my neighbor’s. There must be magical blades in those mowers or something? When I was “taking care” of the lawn it was short and thinning out. Now it’s tall and thick. Even the color is nice and green. I’m actually trying to kill weeds and fertilize the lawn this FALL season 🙂 in an effort to continue this new lawn momentum! I’m expecting to have a killer lawn next spring and that is greatly do to the excellent service I’ve been receiving. Keep up the great work! – Reviewed by Josuee L. in Albany, NY

Review #6 – Cesar and his crew did a great job as usual….This time of year lawn cleanup and spring prep is more important than mowing. ↵↵I am not sure when I am scheduled next, but would like a complete yard clean up removiving leaves, debris and especially the dead grass in the front so new grass can grow. Also, I would like help with the flower beds and preping a spring vegetable garden in the back side yard. Please let me know when Cesar and his crew are available as I would like to be there to show them what needs to be done. Tuesday or Wednesday mornings would work best for me….Please call m – Reviewed by David H. in Mansfield, TX

Review #7 – Absolutely fantastic!! I couldn’t be more happier, thank you both so so much! Just a comment additionall: there were grass clippings in my koi pond but Joses partner immediately asked how we could rectify this. I retrieved two small fish nets on handles and he immediately got down on both knees and started pulling out the grass clippings alongside me. I truly have no complaint whatsoever. I am so happy with what they’ve done. And especially on this extremely hot day. Thank you again Jose and his partner, whose name escapes me, you both did an outstanding job! – Reviewed by Denise B. in Germantown, MD

Review #8 – You did an amazing job with the leaf removal. I just thought it was just a small amount of leaves so it would not matter. But I was wrong. When I came out to look at my front lawn, I was so impressed at what a difference you made with the overall look of the lawn, my house and my curb appeal. The back of my property backs up to a wooded park. But you just did a tremendous job clearing the leaves in the grass and on my patios as well. Everything looks so pristine. It looks so nice for when my family comes for the holiday this week. Thank you. – Reviewed by Susan C. in Indianapolis, IN

Review #8 – Always love the service but this time and last time it seems something os off with the lawn mower. The lines in the lawn are different lengths. Almost like the mower blades are uneven. I didn’t think much of it last time but since it happened again I thought I’d say something. There’s a few spots missed this time as well but I’m pretty sure we were just trying to beat the rain to get it done so I’m not worried about that. Can you have the mower deck checked out before the next service? Thanks a million and thanks for all the help. – Reviewed by Dale C. in Carrollwood, FL

Review #9 – Jose Rodriguez, through Lawn Starters, has been handling my lawn care all season. Each time, I come home to see a beautifully manicured lawn. The grass is perfectly and evenly cut. The lawn is edged with precision. My lawn furniture, which they move to fully mow my lawn, is returned to it’s normal place in my yard. All the clippings are bagged and removed. There’s never even a trace of grass clippings on my walkway or driveway. Thanks to Jose, I have a healthy-looking yard to be proud of when I see it. Thank you very much. Great job. – Reviewed by Susan C. in Alexandria, VA

Review #9 – Everything was great. Cross cut lines on front yard looked great. Lower circles/cut around trees I assume we’re purposeful & reminded me I need to create some mulch areas in future. Back yard had a small section that seemed missed but could have been because First cut was a little bit longer than normal. Overall extremely pleased and would recommend and continue to use. Great job- was nice to come home from long entrepreneur day and not have to worry about the yard! Great communication through Lawn Starter app also. Thanks! – Reviewed by Chris M. in Richmond, VA

Review #10 – I never want anyone else other than this rock star of lawn engineering to care for my lawn ever again! Jordan Housley, you are a king among lawn care professionals. He did a great job, and you can tell he is attentive to details and is interested in delivering a great finished product. He even thoroughly cleared off grass clippings and such from both back porch and covered front porch. He took his time though got done in a reasonable time frame for a yard my size. Did I mention this guy and his crew is a keeper???? – Reviewed by Kay R. in Ventura, CA

Review #11 – Holy moly! My lawn hasn’t looked this tidy and uncluttered in literally a year or more. Our multiple pecan trees are lovely but they litter the lawns with an unfathomable quantity of leaves and Lew and his partner were so fast and fastidious in raking and collecting and hauling off the mountain of leaves and branches they collected. They then mowed and weed whacked and clean up with a lawn blower and the result in a mere two hours is a lawn that looks tidy and uncluttered and lovely. I couldn’t be happier! – Reviewed by Barbara F. in Burke, VA

Review #12 – I was so lucky to find LawnStarter. They are so professional and better yet, there prices are reasonable. They sent me a reminder they were coming, then sent me a timeframe they would arrive then sent me the time they finished. When I arrived home, I immediately notice their work in the yard. It was done well. I have to say this is the best lawn company I’ve located this far. If anyone is looking for a reliable lawn service complany, this would be them. Highly recommended. Thanks Larry for a job well done – Reviewed by Gail T. in Arlington, TX

Review #13 – Victor is a great guy. Very accommodating and understanding of my situation and current yard status. Genuine. He is timely, friendly, and honest. This is something we really appreciate. I hope to do business with him in the long term future for many more years to come. It’s a big job, and certainly one that will take time as it progresses. But I am very happy to have found him! Thank you lawnstarter for helping to direct him to us. And thank you Victor for all your hard work!!! We are so grateful!!! 🙂 – Reviewed by Colby P. in Annandale, VA

Review #14 – Michael did a great job keeping me apprised of his schedule and communicating with me to verify it would be OK for him to mow the yard on Saturday (inclement weather prevented him from mowing any sooner). All the grass was cut to a good height, and he trimmed along the edges of all the hard surfaces well (i.e., the patio, driveway, walkway, curb, foundation and fence lines). He also ensured the clippings were vacuumed, and he blew the leftover debris off the driveway and patio. It was a job well done! – Reviewed by Emanuel D. in Atlanta, GA

Review #15 – Juan is so attentive to detail. He’s even made exceptions for me and didn’t ask for anything in return. It’s so amazing to come home to a beautifully maintained front yard. I know it’s such difficult work, and often feel bad that he’s in the heat, all day for my laziness. But he is allowing me time to focus on my career, my husband and my family and for that I can’t thank him enough. Not only does he do amazing work, he doesn’t over charge. I am so grateful that LawnStarter introduced me to Juan. – Reviewed by Charlie P. in Lake Jackson, TX


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