The Best Trees to Plant in Allentown, PA

flowering crabapple

Here in Pennsylvania, homeowners take great pride in their trees. Not only are they a source of beauty but also provide shade from the intense summer heat. Trees are one of the best investments you can make in your yard, growing with you and your family over the generations. Here is a list of the best trees to plant in Allentown, PA.

White Oak

oak treeIf you want a stately tree that will last through the centuries while providing shade and beauty, the white oak is perfect. The white oak is identified by its round tip leaves as opposed to sharp tip leaves of other oak varieties. This species tends to be more resistant to oak wilt than others in the oak family.

Sugar Maple

maple treeThe sugar maple is one of the most popular trees in America and for good reason. This tree can grow to be 80-110 feet tall, has thick, lush leaves that provide shade all summer. It grows much faster than oak. Its vibrant show of colors in the fall of reds, oranges, and yellows make it extremely popular.  Sugar maples are also the No. 1 source of leaves in the fall so get ready to rake.


flowering crabappleCrabapples are small ornamental trees that don’t take up too much room but definitely catch the eye. They bloom in spring with flowers that vary in color and size depending on the species.

If you’re looking to add a bit of color, crab apples really make your yard stand out, especially in the winter when its bright red or orange (again, depending on species) fruits attract an assortment of birds.

River Birch

river birchThis Pennsylvania native is found near riverbanks in the wild but has become a favorite landscaping tree over the years due to its fast growth rate and beautiful curling bark. It makes an excellent shade tree and is also tolerant of those wet or swampy yards in Allentown.

American Dogwood

dogwoodThe dogwood is one of those trees that has it all. Beautiful white flowers to signal the arrival of spring, stunning crimson leaves in autumn, and red fruits that attract birds. Put this tree in a place where you can enjoy it year-round.

These native trees will add beauty and depth to your lawn all year round. 

Need help choosing the right tree for your lawn? Visit our Allentown lawn care page for more information!


Rachel Vogel