Kid-Friendly Grass Types for Henderson, NC

If your kids spend most of the spring and summer months outside, your lawn is probably taking a beating. Some grasses don’t fare as well as others under these high-traffic conditions. Knowing which varieties to grow in your yard could significantly reduce the amount of damage from kids and pets. Here in North Carolina, we’re in a transition zone. We’re able to grow both cool and warm-season grass all year long, so your options are wide open. Here are our favorite high-traffic kid-friendly grass types for Henderson, NC. 

Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial RyegrassThis cool-season grass is one of the most widely used types of sod in the country. It germinates quickly making it an excellent choice when overseeding bare and damaged areas. This grass is also sturdy and holds up well to foot traffic. Being a cool season grass means it grows the fastest and fullest in the colder months from fall to spring.

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Kentucky Bluegrass

kentucky bluegrass grass typeOne of the best grasses to grow here in Henderson, NC is Kentucky bluegrass. It’s a cool-season grass that thrives in the cooler months. Its ability to spread and heal itself makes it an excellent choice for lawns that take lots of punishment.

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Bermuda grass

bermuda_grassBermuda is one of the toughest grasses around. It has the ability to spread and does will in the heat and full sun. Bermuda grass has become one of the most popular warm-season grasses in North Carolina since it can survive drought conditions and heavy rains and its deep root system helps it withstand even the most robust play.

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Zoysia grass

zoysia_grassAnother tough warm-season favorite is zoysia grass. This turf can take the heat and cold, making it one of the best options for Henderson, NC homeowners. While it takes a little longer for it to establish itself, zoysia grass fills in beautifully to create a lush, green lawn that’s drought and heat resistant, low maintenance, and resistant to high traffic.

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Protecting your lawn from the wear and tear of constant use during the summer months can be a tough job. Need help choosing the right grass for your lawn? Visit our Henderson lawn care page for more information!

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