Best Plants for Landscaping in Portland, ME

Best plants for landscaping in Portland, ME

Creating an eye-catching garden is relatively easy. The challenge comes in keeping it healthy and blooming. Since Portland gets a little more rain than average cities, it’s important to choose plants that thrive in a moist climate. Native plants and flowers work best and take the least amount of work since they are already acclimated to your local environment. Here’s a list of the best plants for landscaping in Portland, Maine.

Bush Honeysuckle

bush honeysuckleThis native shrub grows 2 to 5 feet high and makes an excellent border for your garden or yard. It does well in sun or shade and tolerates Portland’s sandy soil.

Creeping Phlox

Best plants for landscaping in Portland, MEYou’ll only need to plant a few of these white and purple flowers, then watch them spread! They Grow from 6 to 10 inches tall and thrive in shade and partial sun. They prefer a lot of moisture but will tolerate drought.

Appalachian Barren Strawberry

Appalachian Barren StrawberryDon’t let the name of this plant fool you. It produces beautiful yellow flowers from April to June, and the fleshy leaves resemble strawberry plants, but its fruit is not edible. It does well in Maine’s rainy seasons but tolerates dry soil as well. These plants grow about 8 inches tall.


Foam FlowerThese white or pink flowers can fill out your garden. The flowers only last about six weeks, but the broad, maple-shaped leaves last well into the fall. The plants do best in shade and need little watering. They’ll last well into Portland’s fall.


bunchberryThe bunchberry is an excellent ground cover. It grows to about 6 inches high and does well in shade. It has beautiful white blossoms and produces a red berry in the fall.


teaberryThis ground cover will serve you all year round. The shiny evergreen leaves tolerate shade and sun. It produces red berries which remain on the plant all winter to give your garden a holiday glow. Birds and bees and other pollinators are attracted to the teaberry.


lingonberryThis plant resembles the teaberry, but along with the red berries, it produces small pink or white flowers. The small, red berries are edible but somewhat sour. It does well in Maine’s moist soil with proper drainage.

Other plants like lavender, will survive in your garden, but we recommend native plants since they require less water and time to maintain. They also provide food and habitat for birds and other local wildlife. When plants are transplanted here from other parts of the country, they often bring pests and diseases with them. And those invasive plants like the non-native honeysuckles and Japanese Barberry can choke and deplete Portland’s native species.

If you follow our list of best plants for landscaping in Portland, ME, your garden and lawn will thrive for years to come.

Need help choosing the right plants for your landscape? Visit our Portland lawn care page for more information!


Rachel Vogel