The 10 Best Landscaping Companies Austin, TX Has to Offer

Those who are familiar with LawnStarter know that we appreciate a good, quality stretch of Turfgrass. Indeed, we are lawn geeks. We’re equally fascinated by lawn care’s intricate cousin, landscaping – especially landscaping in Austin, TX. This fascination compelled us to search Houzz for the for most jaw dropping Austin-area landscaping jobs to drool over. This list features some of the best landscapers in Austin, TX. Use these photos as ideas for your next big project – or maybe just for some high quality day dreaming!

Without further ado, here is our pick for the top landscaping companies Austin, TX has to offer.

1) GreenScapes Landscaping and Pools

“GreenScapes knows what they’re doing.  We clean a ton of their pools and it’s a very distinct type of design.  We highly recommend them!” -Blake Davis, owner of Oasis Pool Cleaning of Austin, TX.

3) Botanical Concerns LLC

4) Designer Pools and Outdoor Livin

7) Southern Landscape

8) LawnPop Artificial Turf

9) Yarrow Landscaping and Lawn Care

10)  Austin Landscape Contractors Structure Landscapes

And those are our picks for Austin’s top landscaping companies.  Though it is almost winter everywhere else, LawnStarter is still offering high quality lawn care service in Austin, TX. Contact us if you’d like to learn more!
Last updated August 13, 2018.

Alex Birkett

Alex Birkett is marketer and writer. Aside from mowing lawns, he loves snowboarding, eating sushi, and lifting heavy weights. He moved to Austin, TX after graduating from the University of Wisconsin.