Fire Pit Kits: What to Look For

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Fire pits are an eye-catching way to warm up your yard, and fire pit kits make it easy to create this feature that friends and family like to gather around.

Fire pit kits are a quick, easy alternative to building a fire pit. With a DIY kit, you will get a professional-looking fire pit you can set up in no time.

When it comes to fire pit kits, there is a lot to consider, including:

To make it easy to select the right fire pit kit for you, we’ve created this step-by-step guide to what to look for:

Fire Pit Buying Guide Checklist

Wood vs. gas

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The first thing you’ll need to decide is what kind of fuel type you’ll be burning. Do you prefer the natural experience of a wood-burning fire or the convenience of natural gas?

A wood fire is the only way to get the endearing crackling sound that makes for an authentic fire pit experience, but a smokeless gas-fueled flame won’t leave you or your guests smelling like campfire.

Here is a closer look at wood and gas fire pit advantages and disadvantages:

Wood fire pit advantages

✓ Produces a larger flame than gas fires, which makes a wood-burning fire pit better for keeping warm. 
✓ Never fails to light because of a clogged line or busted igniter.

Wood fire pit disadvantages

✗ Requires more cleanup

Gas fire pit kit advantages

✓ Easier to assemble
✓ Come in a wider variety of unique styles
✓ Simple to care for: Instead of purchasing bundles of wood for fuel, you’ll occasionally need to top up your propane supply to keep the fire going. 

Gas fire pit kit disadvantages

✗ Typically more expensive
✗ Can malfunction over time

Permanent vs. portable

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Another important decision you’ll need to make when selecting a fire pit kit is whether you want your fire pit to be stationary or moveable. 

Permanent fire pit advantages

✓ Immovable once assembled 
✓ Durability
✓ Serves as featured centerpiece of your outdoor living space

Portable fire pit advantages

✓ Typically smaller
✓ More affordable
✓ Lower maintenance
✓ Easier to assemble

Fire Pit Materials

metal grate fire pit with screen and flame
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If you’ve decided on a permanent, stationary fire pit, odds are that it will be made of some sort of hardscape material like pavers, bluestone, or flagstone. There are also many options made from concrete formed in interesting shapes and designs. Most outdoor fireplaces are examples of hardscape fire features.


Metal is a common fire pit material. A stainless steel fire bowl is an easy option for a round fire pit, or you can choose a more ornate fire pit with a spark screen. These fire pits are typically portable and wood-burning, but there is a range of gas-powered metal fire pit kits as well. 


Composite fire pits are versatile and come in many different designs. They include a steel insert that makes up the frame of the fire pit and are surrounded by composite material to give it the desired aesthetic appeal.

Composite fire kits can range from a wicker-looking table filled with fire glass and emitting a gas-powered flame to large square fire pits that look like they are made of wood. Composite material fire pits are usually weather-resistant and will hold up well in the elements.

Where to Buy Fire Pit Kits

Fire pit kits can be found at many different places in person or online. Home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot have all kinds of varieties at stores and on their websites. For peak convenience, you can have one delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Specialty fire pit vendors are also a great option for a wider selection and more specialized options. Look for fire pit stores near you to see local options, or check online for nationwide distributors.

What You’ll Need With a Fire Pit

Not every fire pit kit will include the necessary tools, so be prepared by having at the ready common hand tools like screwdrivers and Allen wrenches. 

Also, check the details and specifications of your kit beforehand to see if you’ll need any additional materials like lava rocks to fill your fire pit table or a cooking grate to put on top of your stone fire pit.

FAQ About Fire Pit Kits

Do you need a fire ring for a fire pit?

stone fire pit should hold up well against fire, adding a ring can prevent it from drying out and extend the life of the stone.

What do you put in the bottom of a fire pit?

Some fire pits won’t require you to put anything at the bottom. It often is recommended to use sand at the bottom of stone fire pits or when the ground beneath the fire pit is being used as the bottom. Many gas-powered fire pits call for lava rocks or fire glass for appearance.

What’s the best fire pit to buy?

ood or gas? Permanent or portable? Which fire pit material do you prefer? You can use the guide above to narrow your options and select the best fire pit for you.

How far should a fire pit be from the house?

Check local building codes to make sure that your fire pit doesn’t violate any regulations specific to your area. Always check for any burn bans or warnings before lighting your fire.

Where is the best place to buy a fire pit?

This depends on what type of fire pit kit you want to purchase. There are lots of options to choose from and the best place to buy will depend on the type and price that you’re looking for.

When to Call a Professional

Whether it’s as simple as dropping a steel insert into a stone fire ring or as complex as setting up gas lines for your propane fire pit, most fire pit kit options will require some assembly. 

Even if you do choose a fire pit kit, it might not be as easy to put together as you imagine. Although it will come with instructions, some of the more advanced options will require moving heavy stones and applying mortar. 

If a DIY fire pit kit isn’t for you, call a landscaping professional near you for help installing a more professional fire pit option. A pro familiar with fire pits will be able to light up your yard while you sit back and relax.

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