The Top 5 Hardscape Designs in the Granbury, TX Area

Top 5 Hardscape Designs in the Granbury, TX Area

As you drive past Granbury’s many attractive homes (both small and large), take note of the various ways in which homeowners use landscaping to achieve a unified and welcoming exterior.

Landscape design takes a home to another dimension through the artistic and skillful integration of softscape and hardscape elements. Softscape includes those elements that are living and mutable; such as shrubs, trees, flowers, and turf. Hardscape elements are solid and permanent, such as patios, pathways, fountains—actually, a multitude of elements are available, limited only by your imagination.

As you daydream about the design that will best suit your needs and aesthetic sensibilities, there are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • Even if starting in one area, keep in mind the entire property.
  • Have no more than one or two primary visual elements. More than that will subtract from, not add to, the overall effect.
  • Be kind to the environment. If thinking of installing a fountain or waterfall, for instance, plan to capture the water and not let it go down a drainage pipe.

You’re sure to find ideas in our Top 5 Hardscape Designs that demonstrate innovation, harmony, and artistry.

1. Bonick Landscaping


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Why we like it:

Bonick created a sensuous retreat in what previously had been a small backyard. You don’t need acres to fulfill your landscaping dream. A saltwater pool, raised spa, and outdoor fireplace are enhanced by the indirect lighting that glows throughout the scene.

2. Artistic Stoneworks


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Why we like it:

There has long been the desire to bring the outdoors into our homes with plants, expansive windows, or natural materials. This patio takes the inside outdoors, with the living area fashioned from natural materials. Sit and reflect in front the fireplace while surrounded by the softscape elements of the design that provide you with as much privacy as you have inside your home.

3. Cuttin’ It Right Lawn Care


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Why we like it:

What an enticing place to enjoy your hot tub! There you are, ensconced in the warm water in the quaint gazebo, surrounded by evergreens, plants, bushes, flowers—greens for all seasons. A special touch is the intricately cut stone path leading to the gazebo.

4. Fowlkes Norman and Associates, Inc.


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The pergola is a classic Graeco-Roman design accented with flower-filled Grecian planters on pedestals. The established trees are incorporated into the design as they hover above the pergola, providing additional shade. The contemporary table and chairs are a sharp, clean contrast to the classical setting. And the chairs will survive wet swim suits.

5. Fossil Creek Tree Farm and Nursery


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Why we like it:

This is a high-quality example of a landscape design that not only fits the home it’s attached to but also fits with the surrounding land. The glistening and gracefully shaped pool is framed with the ruggedness of natural stone accents that are echoed in the custom-made stone bench.

That’s it for our picks!

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