How to Keep Uninvited Pests Away in Palm Bay, FL

Austin cockroach

Nothing ruins a good old fashioned garden party faster than uninvited pests. You know the type: they show up stinging, biting, or just plain grossing-out everyone in sight (Palmetto bugs, we’re looking at you). It’s easy to believe these bugs are just a part of living in Palm Bay. But, if you play your cards right, you can enjoy your time outdoors with a minimum of unwelcomed interlopers.

Palmetto Bugs

Most of us have trouble even thinking about these cockroaches without shivering in disgust. The first step in avoiding this vile pest is to make sure you don’t accidentally invite them. Dark, damp places are what roaches like best, and this includes piles of paper, leaves, cardboard, and mulch. Get rid of any refuse cluttering up your garden, porch, or carport, and pay attention to your mulch and turn it regularly if you see them taking up residence.
firewoodPiles of firewood are another place roaches congregate, particularly if they’re damp. Keep your firewood stacked in a dry place far from areas where people like to hang out. Compost piles are san all-you-can-eat buffet for roaches, so be sure to either keep an active (hot) pile by turning frequently or make sure it is far out of the way. Like in Nebraska.

Last, but certainly not least, make your landscape hospitable to wildlife. Birds and lizards will ensure you have some predators on your side, making meals of your least favorite yard guest.

Fire Ants

fire ants food

While most people consider fire ants a pain-inducing nuisance, this invasive pest can also girdle tree trunks and kill young citrus trees. If you have a few mounds in your yard, you can use the “Two Step” method to get rid of them. This method involves broadcasting a bait product a couple of times a year and then spot-treating any individual mounds that pop up in between treatments. The spot treatments can be an application of bait, orange oil and water, or even just boiling water poured directly onto mounds. With a little observation and effort, fire ants won’t be likely to crash your parties again.


Nothing turns up the paranoia like a buzzing in your ear when you want to enjoy a balmy Florida evening on the patio. Both annoying and potentially infectious, this uninvited pest likes to drop in as soon as the weather is pleasant enough to start grilling and outdoor entertaining. Living on a lagoon means the deck is stacked against you, but there are still measures you can take to keep these bloodsuckers at bay.

First, make sure there’s no standing water on your property. Any vessel that can catch rain is suspect- leave no bucket, tire, or reservoir unturned! Next, make sure your shrubs are well maintained and your grass is tidy and mowed. Finally,  plant mosquito-repellent flowers and ornamentals such as geraniums, lavender, lemongrass or catnip. If all else fails, a professional pest control company can treat your yard to protect you and your family against these freeloading pests.

While these party crashers like to put a damper on a good time, controlling and deterring them is just a matter of taking small measures on a consistent basis. With a little bit of effort, your outdoor events can be strictly invitation-only.

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Rachel Vogel