koi pond fish
Hammond, LA

Maintaining a Koi Pond in Hammond, LA

An ornamental koi pond in your backyard is a source of immense beauty and tranquility. The sun dancing off the ripples of water and the gentle sounds of a waterfall can be extremely calming. However, maintaining a Koi Pond in Hammond, LA can sometimes be tricky. Keep It Clean Any […]

lafayette, la
Lafayette, LA

Lawn Edging Tips for Lafayette, LA

You mow your lawn in Lafayette every week. You weed, trim and prune the shrubs. After hours of these back-breaking chores, your lawn still doesn’t look well-manicured. One task you may have overlooked is edging. Is it really necessary? Here are some lawn edging tips for Lafayette, LA.  To edge […]

wild mint
Lafayette, LA

Pest-Repellent Plants for Your Lafayette Landscape

Here in Lafayette, we’re blessed by a warm and damp climate that’s perfect for growing a garden or lush flower bed. Unfortunately, the same environment welcomes hordes of insects. Consider growing these pest-repellent plants for your Lafayette landscape that will not only add value and beauty to your landscape but […]

Lafayette, LA

4 Best Places to Explore Nature in Lafayette, LA

This article is written and contributed by Chase Maser. If you love the outdoors, then you couldn’t have picked a better place than Lafayette. Whether you are a hunting and fishing type, or a hiking and bird-watching type, there are several worthwhile destinations close by. 1. Acadiana Park Nature Station On […]

New Orleans, LA

6 Grass Types for New Orleans, Louisiana

Check out our New Orleans lawn services page for all of your New Orleans lawn service needs.  In New Orleans, you don’t have to weigh the pros and cons of warm-season grasses against cool season. You are solidly in the warm/humid climate zone. Warm-season grasses are used to scorching sun […]