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Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Tips in Atlanta, GA

Did You Know? Lawns absorb water, which helps reduce storm runoff and improve water quality. Lawns also have a significant cooling effect, provide oxygen, trap dust and dirt, promote healthful microorganisms, prevent erosion and filter rainwater contaminants. And most importantly, lawns are the foundation for having fun outside. Believe it […]

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5 Easy Succulents for Atlanta

Succulents are growing in popularity because they’re an easy way to add texture and color to your Atlanta landscape. They don’t require much maintenance or water and can be grown anywhere that experiences six hours or more of sunlight per day. They do require proper drainage and can easily become […]

Atlanta, GA, General Lawn Care

Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Guide for Atlanta

Atlanta Lawn Maintenance Guide Warm-season grasses (i.e. bermudagrass, St. Augustinegrass, zoysiagrass) are native to tropical regions and do their best work in the scorching Southern sun. Warm-season grasses grow best in temperatures between 75 – 90 degrees fahrenheit and have the highest growth rates during the summer season. They experience […]