Spring Lawn Care Tips for Allentown, PA

Allentown, PA

Spring will be here before you know it along with all the chores that come with it. It’s time to wake up your lawn from its winter slumber before it decides to go dormant for good. Here are six spring lawn care tips for Allentown that will help you make sure the grass is greener on your side of Pennsylvania.


The snow is melting and your yard looks like a hurricane swept through it. Branches, twigs, bark, leaves, and piles of dirt and gravel from the snow plows. Before you do anything else, you need to rid the lawn of any clutter that can kill the grass or breed bacteria that bring diseases. Clean up all the debris and dispose of it properly. Rake the dirt and gravel back into your road or driveway.

Startup Your Irrigation System

adjust sprinkler zonesIf you have a sprinkler system, chances are you winterized it last fall. If not, you’ll need to get busy making repairs. To turn your system on, turn on the main valve and then turn on the individual valves. Run the system and check for leaks and broken sprinkler heads.

Clean Out the Gutters

While you’re out there in your yard, you might as well climb up on the roof and take care of those gutters. Even if you cleaned them out in the fall, a lot of trees, especially oak, retain their leaves late and may have made their way into your gutters.


compostAnything that’s organic makes great compost. Those twigs and wet leaves can be ground up and left in an out-of-the-way spot to decompose naturally. Ground up leaves make an excellent mulch for flowerbeds and gardens. Continue to add to it throughout the spring and summer with grass clippings.

Seed Bald Spots

After your yard is cleared, it’s time to assess the damage winter has wrought. There may be signs of bald spots or snow mold from piled up debris. First, prepare the spot by raking it and drying it out. Then, spread a thin layer of compost or potting soil over the area and cover it with seed.

Put Up Bird Houses

bird houseThe best way to attract birds is to make them feel at home. If you took your birdhouses down for the winter to prevent mice from moving in, put them up again now. Birds arrive early to scout for good nesting spots. Don’t let them overlook your yard.

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Feature image source: Zillow.com


Rachel Vogel