6 Must See, Scenic Small Towns in Georgia

When it comes to scenery in the South, Georgia offers some of the top destinations. Families and hiking enthusiasts all have great options because the state offers everything from beaches to mountain trails.

Georgia also hosts quaint, colonial-style architecture in its small towns, attracting visits from both tourists and Georgian residents. Forget the major cities next time you visit Georgia, here are the most scenic spots to see in the state.

Macon, GA

This town of less than 94,000 can feel like a history museum. For a sense of the Italian Renaissance, the two-story Johnston–Felton–Hay House is where travelers should go. It’s a mansion built in the 19th century that pays careful homage to the 15th century Italian architects.

Rich, amber-colored bricks construct the mansion’s exterior, which features a lattice-patterned balcony. Inside, a mixture of old Renaissance and 19th century paintings adorn the walls. The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation described Hay House as one of the state’s “most historic houses and distinguished structures.”

Another old and gorgeous mansion that visitors should see is Cannonball House. Like its namesake, this mansion survived cannonball fire from the Civil War, yet still stands today. With its ornate pillars and enormous windows, Cannonball House can be seen easily found and is only a short walk from Hay House.

Savannah/Hilton Head, GA

Travelers who want to see more historic architecture should take a trip here. The Savannah Historic District is full of 18th and 19th century built houses. Confined in nearly the same city limits before the Civil War, a walk down here feels like a time capsule.

Hilton Head island is a great place to cool off afterwards. Visitors can rent boats and swim in the marinas. The best part of Hilton Head, however, is watching the sunset—unobstructed by any landscape. An added bonus to the scenery is some of Georgia’s freshest seafood can be found on the island, which contains over 50 seafood restaurants.

Cumberland Island, GA

If travelers want the best beach experience in Georgia, they need to take a boat and reach Cumberland Island. Off the southeast coast, Cumberland is a barrier island with sections protected by the federal government. But the areas that do allow visitors, the water is among the clearest compared to American beaches because of how well-protected the area is.

The animal life on the island is a lovely feature. Wild horses can be seen galloping, and sea turtles frequently appear by the beaches. Also if visitors still want to see old architecture, they should check out the ruins of the late Andrew Carnegie's Dungeness Mansion.

Tallulah Falls, GA

Experienced hikers know about Tallulah Falls because of Tallulah Gorge State Park, which contains six different, legendary waterfalls. If visitors have the endurance, Tallulah Falls is one of the most rewarding hikes out there. Streams course throughout the state park, and the forests provide ample shade for any hike.

Tallulah Gorge also changes color throughout the seasons. During the fall, the park transforms into a bright spectrum of orange and red. With an overall surface area of 63 acres and over 3.6 miles of shoreline, Tallulah is best for outdoor enthusiasts, but the views are unforgettable.

Blairsville, GA

Visitors looking for a mountain trip will find a scenic one here. Located in the highest, natural point in Georgia, Blairsville sits between two gorgeous landscapes: the North Georgia Blue Ridge mountains and the Chattahoochee National Forest.

The town’s population is very scarce, with less than 700 residents, but the majority of visitors come for the natural surroundings. Hikers may run into archaeological and geological sites because of the natural rock formations. The continuous range of green mountains provide the natural escape needed from the city.

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