5 Landscape Elements That Can Increase Your Home’s Resale Value in Detroit, MI

Curb appeal and resale value make a huge difference when it comes to considering putting your home back on the market in the "Motor City." This past year, the value of properties in Detroit have increased as much as 10 percent within the city limits. This is the first time in 17 years that residental properties of the area have increased this much. And, in an infographic about the top exterior home improvements that can increase resale value, landscaping makes the cut as one of the top seven. It’s clear that when it comes to the exterior, a lush green yard makes all the difference.

Top quality landscaping can contribute up to 20% of the home’s overall value making it an important aspect to focus on. Here are 5 landscape trends that can help to increase the overall property value–even more than the greater metro areas increase–of a property in Detroit.

1. Outdoor Living Space

Home buyers want to see living spaces extended to outdoor areas. Homes with less square footage should particularly focus on making an outdoor living space that will make the property feel larger. More than half of home buyers would choose to pay more for a home with great outdoor living spaces. Make these spaces comfortable and somewhat private in order to entice buyers. The outdoor living space should reflect the size of the home so stay away from encouraging homeowners to add a patio that greatly dwarfs the home itself. Even small spaces can be updated to create outdoor space that will bring in a great return.

2. Mature Trees

Studies show that mature trees in a well-kept yard can help to raise a property’s value between 7-19%. Potential homebuyers love the look of established trees but also understand the cost savings that a shady tree can provide a home. Encourage homeowners to plant trees that will grow well in different areas of the lawn that will decrease overall energy costs.

Consider taking a walk around the neighborhood to see what tree varieties are doing well in the area and attract the most attention, or simply choose a tree that is native to Michigan. Suggested native plants for landscaping upgrades in Detroit includes oak varieties, juneberry, and black gum. Oak varieties including white, bur, and red grow to be anywhere between 50-70 feet tall, are slow growing, and very tolerant to Detroit's cold tempertures. Juneberry is a easy to grow, and very popular for front yard landscaping as it has small clustered blooms that provide interest. Black gum is another slow growing variety that has a lustrous foliage, is easy to maintain, and attracts friendly wildlife like birds and squirrels.

3. Proper Maintenance

Prune trees and shrubs so that the landscape looks well cared for and not overgrown. Replace dead plants with bright perennials of different heights to add interest to a landscape. Add gravel to walkways and spread some mulch around the base of trees to provide an instant updated look. This will also help to deter weeds from growing which can be a huge eyesore to potential buyers.

4. A Lush Lawn

A home that has a well-cared for lawn can see up to 303% ROI on lawn care costs. Lawn mowing, perhaps the most arduous task, can be outsourced at a reasonable cost. With the average price per mow in the Detroit area being $43 per service, there's no need to deliberate on regular lawn maintenace.

Unlike other tasks, you can’t simply pay for a brand new lawn before you sell your home - you need to maintain it on a monthly basis. So, don’t neglect the lawn with regular watering, aeration, and fertilizing. This easy project will help to increase the overall value of a home by providing a welcoming and instantly accessible atmosphere for potential homeowners. Making the lawn inviting and easy to walk around barefoot is a huge plus.

5. Design Accents

Home buyers don’t want a ton of mismatched color but a few well-placed accents of color or texture will help complete the overall look of any home on the market. With gates and brick patios being at the top of Detroits Exterior trends, consider adding stronger elements to your patio space. Or for a more affordable upgrade, consider adding painted pots to the front porch or even paint the front door in order to make the home stand out to potential buyers. Making sure that the landscape isn’t just green and brown will heighten home buyer’s awareness and draw interest.

We all know that curb appeal is one of the first things that a potential homebuyer will consider when first viewing a home. The status of the outdoor areas of the home can instantly create strong feelings in potential buyers and make them want to either enter the home or drive on by. Recognize areas of their landscape that could be freshened up in order to get the most resale value or to simply enjoy your space with maximum results while you still live there.

For more information on how to make your landscaping dreams a reality, visit our Detroit lawn care page to get in touch with a professional. In addition to Detroit, we also offer services in Michigan in Grand Rapids and Lansing metro areas.