4 Spring Lawn Care Tips for a Gorgeous Seattle, WA Lawn

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Spring in Seattle is always beautiful. While the Pacific Northwest is known for rainy spring weather, the weather that some people may dread often leads to beautiful grass and flowers as the spring progresses. However, there are also steps that need to be taken by homeowners to have that beautiful yard. Without following a few simple tips, you may find a whole host of grass problems later in the year, from weed infestations to dead, brown patches. Here are four things you need to do this spring for your lawn to have a great year:

1. Apply herbicide

Spring is the best time of year for Seattle homeowners to get ahead of weeds and stop them before they have a chance to take over your yard. Crabgrass and other pesky annual weeds germinate in the spring, so applying a pre-emergent herbicide early can help to reduce the possibility of that germination and kill those weeds before they even have a chance. If it’s too late and you’ve already spotted a few weeds, apply a post-emergent herbicide to kill them after they’ve sprouted. By taking action as soon as possible, you won’t see a yard full of weeds come summertime.

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2. Aerate the soil

After a wet winter, you may have compacted soil. This can cause problems for grass that is trying to grow and can even increase the chances of weeds popping up. Reduce compaction by aerating the soil when the grass is growing in the spring. There are many benefits to aeration: it allows the seed to get closer to the soil for the necessary seed-to-soil contact for germination and less fertilizer and water get down to the root zone where they are needed the most. This is a step you won’t want to miss.

3. Apply slow-release fertilizer

Help your grass get off to a good start by applying a slow-release fertilizer. Do this right around the time you mow for the first time, and only apply a light application. Applying too much too quickly or early can harm your grass, even burning the blades. Slow-release fertilizer will help to apply a steady stream of nutrients over time to give your grass a great start to the season. By doing this now, you know that your grass will be prepared to withstand more of the stresses it may encounter.

4. Prevent grubs

Grubs can be an issue many people in the Pacific Northwest face, especially in the Seattle area. The issues that arise from grubs are often dead patches of grass where grubs are feeding on the grass. Be proactive in your approach to grub control this spring. Apply insecticide in early June to combat the issue that grubs may bring to your grass this summer. A little bit of preparation in the spring can lead to more time to enjoy your yard later in the year when the damage would begin to appear.

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Jennifer Klemmetson