LawnStarter Gives Labor Day Discount to First Responders, Teachers

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Millions of Americans this Labor Day weekend will be working even longer hours on the front lines of the pandemic.

For those first responders and teachers, LawnStarter is offering a steep discount — $10 — for your first mow. It’s our way of saying thank you for all you’re doing and to give back to you a few hours to spend with your family or loved ones.

“Labor Day is best spent with family, enjoying barbecue in the backyard,” says Ryan Farley, LawnStarter co-founder. “The holiday is all about rest, and a LawnStarter discount for first responders and teachers lets you less time mowing and more time grilling.”

Pulling Double-Duty at Work and Home

First responders and health care workers have been on the front lines for months, and now they’re joined by teachers, educating students virtually, in classrooms, and sometimes both.

And first responders and teachers are juggling everyday life along with those longer hours. It’s almost like pulling double-duty day after day after day for the foreseeable future.

That’s where LawnStarter can help a bit. Our $10 first mow offer is for first-time customers who are first responders and teachers who have a lawn up to a half-acre in size. For lots bigger than a half-acre, or with overgrown grass, LawnStarter may have to charge more.

Just sign up at LawnStarter using your work email on the app or website, book your order and enter promo code firstresponder10. You can sign up using the promo code through Sept. 13.

The lawn-mowing discount comes as a morale booster for Nicole Zito, a registered nurse at the University of Maryland Hospital.

“With so many of us working overtime now and feeling unappreciated, this is a huge gift,” Zito says, adding she’ll take advantage of the offer.

“My days are so busy, I barely have time to go to the bathroom, much less maintain my home. Any service that eases the workload is appreciated,” she says.

Leave the Lawn Care to Us

Some folks enjoy mowing the lawn. It helps them relax, and that sense of pride looking out over the fresh-cut lawn and newly weeded flower beds can be hugely satisfying.

But if you’d rather be showing your son how to catch a ball, putting a puzzle together with your daughter, or just reading a book on your porch, LawnStarter can help. In a twist on that old bus line slogan, leave the mowing to us.

About LawnStarter

Austin-based LawnStarter, through its website and app, provides lawn care and other home services with the click of a button.

How LawnStarter works: Within seconds, homeowners can view pricing and book skilled landscapers. All have years of experience dealing with grass, weeds, pests, flower beds, and anything else that grows in the yard.

The LawnStarter advantage: Customers get affordable pricing, fast online ordering, and satisfaction guaranteed from insured professionals.

Since its launch in 2013, LawnStarter has expanded its lawn care services to 120 U.S. markets.

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Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman, editor-in-chief of LawnStarter, mowed lawns as a teen, and his uncle owned the biggest sod business in St. Louis. Previously, Herman worked at The New York Times,, and most recently at Now Herman is All About Lawn Care.