4 Grass Types For Lawns in Baltimore, MD

There are many great options for lawn grass in the Baltimore area. Grasses that thrive in the Northeastern part of the country need to be rather tolerant of cold winters as well as moderate summers. Sun exposure, maintenance, and overall texture are all things to consider when choosing a grass type for your lawn. Each grass type has different pros and cons but all of the following varieties would be a good choice to use for your lawn in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

1. Tall Fescue


This cool season grass is the best choice if you want a long-lasting green lawn. It turns green in early spring and is usually the last lawn to turn brown in late fall. Tall Fescue is a turf type grass variety that is very durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic. It usually grows in clusters so overseeding may be necessary keep a level and fully grown lawn. Tall Fescue is disease resistant and can withstand cold winters and does well in mild summers. It grows the most during the spring and fall seasons as well. This is a great water consumption variety of Tall Fescue typically requires 25% less water than Zoysia grass to stay green.

Mowing Height: Tall Fescue should be kept between 2 to 3 inches tall.

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2. Fine Fescue

fine fescue grass

If your lawn receives more shade, Fine Fescue would be an excellent choice as it tolerates shade better than other grass varieties. This cool season grass features very fine leaves and germinates very rapidly. Fine Fescue is considered a turf grass in that it does well in covering a lawn. Fine Fescue has the capability to remain green all year long if maintained correctly and is resistant to drought. It requires little maintenance and doesn’t need to be fertilized. Fine Fescue can also do well in poor soil conditions. This grass variety is also used to overseed winter lawns that have gone dormant.

Mowing Height: Fine Fescue should be kept between 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches tall.

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3. Kentucky Bluegrass


This popular grass variety is known for its durability as well as lush landscape capabilities. Kentucky Bluegrass is a cool season grass that is excellent in the Northern region of the country. It can survive long and cold winters and enjoys a mild to a hot summer season. Kentucky Bluegrass can struggle with drought and will require extra watering during the summer to keep shallow roots moist.

Mowing Height: Kentucky Bluegrass should be kept between 2 to 2 ½ inches tall during the spring and fall compared to 3 to 4 inches during the summer.

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4. Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass

This cool season grass is widely used throughout the country. It is a tough grass that establishes quickly with a fast germination rate. Perennial Ryegrass features great cold tolerance and can also stand up to heat and drought depending on the variety. The turf type variety of Perennial Ryegrass will do best in creating a beautiful lawn that comes back year after year. It grows best in cooler seasons from fall to spring and does well in the moderate Baltimore summers. Although this variety germinates quickly it spreads slowly once planted. Overseeding may be needed to prevent Perennial Ryegrass from bunching as well.

Mowing Height: Perennial Ryegrass should be kept between 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches tall.

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Feature image source: Zillow


Nikki Moore