LawnStarter Releases New Tipping Feature

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AUSTIN, TX, August 16, 2018 – Austin, Texas-based LawnStarter, the technology platform that connects consumers to local lawn care professionals, recently released a new feature that allows consumers to tip their lawn care pro through the platform.  

The system is designed to give customers an optional way to reward pros that go above and beyond with their work.

“From day one we have known just how much pride our lawn care professionals take in their work,” said LawnStarter CEO Steve Corcoran. “We see the extra effort and care that is put into each lawn whenever we look at the before and after photos.”

The benefits of tipping to lawn care professionals on the platform is clear.  But what may be less obvious, is how strongly the prospect of app-enabled tipping appeals to consumers.

“Time after time customers would ask us for the ability to tip” said Corcoran. “In fact, in a survey we did, some 91% of our customers indicated they would like this capability.”

Brent Keally, a LawnStarter customer in Nashville, was among the first to leave a tip with the new feature.  He says:

“I’m a big believer in rewarding for people for exceptional work, not work, but incredible effort that goes above and beyond what is required. Preston (my lawn care pro) has done this consistently over our time together. So I thought it was appropriate to reward him for the culmination of his efforts. The tip feature allowed me to do this with ease while giving me the option to customize his tip to match what I thought he’s earned for his work on our property.”

Customers can find the tipping feature when they rate their service on the LawnStarter mobile app or web platform. Tipping is optional, and LawnStarter pros receive the entire tip less credit card processing fees.

The tipping feature is part of an ongoing initiative to maximize the profitability of LawnStarter professionals.  “We’ve always believed that if the pro wins, we all win. Tipping is just a small step toward that” says Corcoran.

Pros interested in growing their business with LawnStarter can visit to learn more.


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