25 Things Every Lawn Enthusiast Should Keep in Their Storage Shed

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Spring is almost here, which means it’s time to start nursing your front and backyard back to health. If you’re a lawn care enthusiast, chances are that you also have a dedicated storage shed for all of your landscaping tools. While the number and complexity of tools will vary depending on the size, shape, and climate your lawn is in, here are 25 essentials every lawn enthusiast should keep in their storage shed.

  1. Lawn Mower:  The obvious must. Lawnmowers are either rotary (electric or gasoline powered; these are the most common kind) or reel (ideal for small and even lawns). 
  2. String trimmers (or weed whacker): Used for trimming grass around places where lawn mowers can’t reach (like buildings, fences, and beds).  
  3. Wheelbarrow:  To transport literally anything.
  4. Gloves:  Gloves are a must for protecting your hands during your yard work.
  5. Push-type spreader: For applying fertilizers, seed, and pesticides.
  6. Hose/Sprinkler:  If you have a large yard, consider investing in a sprinkler. Most yards will be fine with just a hose.
  7. Bulb-planter: These nifty tools will dig and push a bulb into a hole.
  8. Garden Rake: Great for prepping soil for planing.
  9. Blower: A blower, while not essential, can get better results than a rake and broom.
  10. Trowel: Basically a small garden hoe, this tool will loosen up the soil and weed your garden.
  11. Rake: Obviously great for removing leaves, but also for thatch and other debris. 
  12. Gardening Shears: Shears are essential for cutting, pruning and trimming.
  13. Pruners:  Level up with pruners – these will handle those trees and shrubs that your garden shears can’t. 
  14. Sprayer: Used for apply pesticides or spot-spraying.
  15. Garden Spade:  Helps dig, loosen dirt and break up the packed soil.
  16. Gardening Fork: LIfts and turns over soil.
  17. Gardening Hoe:  Loosens the soil and help weed your garden.
  18. Edger: Just like a string trimmer, but uses metal blades. Edgers create sharp lines and will give your yard a neat and clean finish.
  19. Hori Hori Knife: Used for weeding, cutting roots, and perennials. 
  20. Gardening Shovel: For digging and tilling. 
  21. De-thatcher:  Can be added as an attachment to your mower (or you can just stick with hand-raking). De-thatchers rough up your lawn to remove dead grass and thatch. 
  22. Push Broom: An alternative to a leaf blower for cleaning up your yard.
  23. Hedge Clippers:  Keep your shrubs and hedges in line. 
  24. Pole Saw: Take care of those hard to reach limbs.  More info on which saw to choose here.
  25. Shovel: Again, an essential for any gardener or lawn care enthusiast for most types of lawn work (and hidden treasure). 

Once you’ve got your items squared away, the next step is organization. We recommend maximizing storage by:

  • Using overhead storage
  • Hanging longer items on the walls, like shovels
  • Using cans or jars for grouping your smaller tools, like paintbrushes
  • Using magnets to hang lighter things on the walls too
  • Attaching shelving on your doors
  • Using adjustable shelving  
  • Storing tools where you’ll actually use them

Finally, do a tool inventory annually. What are you actually using? What do you have too much of? Sell, donate or trade these items in to clear up space. 

This article was contributed by Jenny Zhang for SpareFoot.com. SpareFoot is the world’s largest marketplace for finding and reserving the best storage unit to fit your needs.


Kathleen Johnson