When it comes to being happy with their new home purchase, people in West Virginia ranked No. 44 nationally, according to the LawnStarter.com New Homebuyer Happiness Index Survey. The national New Homebuyer Happiness Index average was 81. West Virginians averaged 78.1.

To create the index, LawnStarter surveyed 5,672 people from all 50 states who said they had purchased a home in 2019, and asked them 118 questions about their new homes. Included were questions about whether they regretted their decision, and how satisfied they were with their new home’s safety, job market, their neighbors’ friendliness and whether it was a good place to raise kids.

We also asked about the sacrifices they made while saving for a home, what hoped-for features they gave up on during the homebuying process, and what they refused to give up on.

Here’s how people from West Virginia compared to the national average in several measures of home happiness:

Other Measures of Happiness

People from West Virginia were most insistent that they would not give up on the number of bedrooms. West Virginians were most likely to give up on a pool.

Respondents from West Virginia were asked to rate the friendliness of their neighbors on a 10-point scale. They gave their neighbors an average grade of 7.5. The national average score was 7.6, putting West Virginians at No. 31 nationally.
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