4 Jacksonville Flowers that your Flowerbed Just Needs to Have


Jacksonville is home to so much more than the University of North Florida. It is also the home of some of the world’s most gorgeous flowers. Rain, shine, or freeze, these flowers are beautiful all year-round. Take a look at some of these common flowers in the beautiful city of Jacksonville.

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1)  Shooting Star

shooting star

Shooting star is an underrated shrub that is especially rewarding to grow for Florida gardeners. It’s known for its green leaves and gorgeous star-shaped purple flowers, which bloom between mid-spring to early winter. It’s best for planting along walkways, and even mixed with perennials. Because it flowers constantly throughout the summer, the shooting star can even be found in northern areas as an annual for garden beds, borders, and container gardens. In container gardens, shooting star is lovely enough to grow by itself, but it also mixes well with a wide variety of other plants. You just can’t go wrong growing the shooting star!

2)  Lantana


With lantana flowers, your garden will soon become the main attraction for all kinds of colorful butterflies. This plant supplies bright, nectar-rich flowers throughout the entirety of summer. Lantana flowers love the sun and are tolerant of various conditions, whether it be drought or humidity. Flower colors range from red, yellow, white, orange, lavender, all the way to pink. Grow lantana in landscape beds or in pots and planters filled with other sun-loving bloomers. In the northern regions, lantana is an excellent annual flower. Bonus points: they’re rabbit and deer resistant!

3)  Plumbago


Gardeners everywhere find it easy to fall in love with plumbago, a tropical flowering shrub that blooms nonstop and produces clusters of sky-blue flowers — one of the rarest colors in the flower world. This shrub grows to be about 6 feet tall, making it a favorite foundation planting in the tropics. It mixes well with other shrubs in landscape beds and borders, and even thrives in large containers.

Because plumbago flowers practically nonstop and is so easy to grow, this tropical flower has found its way to northern regions and frequently appears throughout the country as a container-garden plant or annual in areas that host freezing temperatures during winter. It’s lovely alone, but mixes beautifully with other plants, as well — especially those with large, contrastive textures and colors.

4)  Mexican petunia


Add color and life to your summer gardens with Mexican petunia, often called ruellia. This low-maintenance plant grows 3 feet tall and blooms in bursts of blue, white, or pink petunia-like flowers through the summer. Mexican petunia is great for butterfly gardens because the colorful insects can’t resist its sweet flowers. Plus, several species of butterflies use Mexican petunia as a host for their larvae to feed on, so it’s another great plant for butterfly gardens. Once grown, Mexican petunia will often self-sow and spread through the garden, so be sure to plant it where you can keep an eye on it. Dwarf forms of Mexican petunia are also available.

There you have it!  Think you need 1, 2 or maybe all of these in your flowerbed?  Let one of our Jacksonville lawn services help you out planting them.



Junie Lee