Tips for Getting Rid of Weeds this Summer in Modesto, CA


Summertime in Modesto means Ice cold lemonade and cartwheels on the grass. Sounds idyllic, unless your once beautiful, green lawn is riddled with weeds?  Here are 5 tips for getting rid of weeds this summer in Modesto.

Know Your GrassSt. Augustine Grass

Once you identify the variety of grass on your lawn, it will be easier to fight off those invasive weeds. Different grass types have different needs. St. Augustine grass is perfect for Modesto since it covers the lawn with a dense, green coat and chokes out most weeds.  Bermuda grass can survive the summer heat, but it tends to thin out during the cooler months and invite weeds. It is possible to get ahead of the problem with a little preparation.

Appropriate Watering

Water your lawn deeply and regularly. You should aim for a couple of inches of water per week, depending on the type of grass you have. During the summer, you should be watering in the morning so you don’t lose that water to evaporation. Watering more deeply encourages deeper and stronger roots, which can help during hot summers or droughts.

Regular Fertilizationfertilizer

Feed your lawn in the early summer to keep it strong and healthy enough to fight off weed infestations. Slow-release fertilizers can help increase the health of your soil and lawn over time. Nutrient-specific fertilizer can help correct specific problems. Re-apply fertilizer every 4 to 8 weeks throughout the summer.

Proper Mowing

Follow the one-third rule when you mow. By only removing the top one-third of the blades you reduce the risk of disease thinning out the lawn.  You also give the roots a chance to grow deeper. A thick, lush healthy lawn doesn’t provide much space for weeds to grow.  

Proactively Control Weeds

You can treat for weeds before they appear! Use a pre-emergent herbicide before weed seeds germinate or use a post-emergent herbicide after the first weeds start to appear. There are many options out there that can help you take care of the weeds without harming your lawn.

pulling weeds

Get help with your summer weed problem by working with our professionals. They have the experience to help you get back to the idyllic summer picture of lemonade and cartwheels on a large green landscape. Visit our Modesto lawn care services page to get started.



Rachel Vogel