Author: Andréa Butler

A view of downtown Houston, Texas with landscape trees
Houston, TX

How to Landscape with Trees in Houston

As the eighth-most expansive city in the country, Houston’s sprawl makes accommodating landscape trees easy — and mandatory, too. The local Tree and Shrub Ordinance requires the planting of at least one tree, depending on lot size, so let’s explore the many ways you can landscape with trees at your […]

blooming crepe myrtles in downtown raleigh
Raleigh, NC

How to Landscape with Trees in Raleigh

You may live in the City of Oaks, but there’s a wealth of other trees suitable for your Raleigh home landscape design. Let’s take a look at the large trees and small trees that will bring beauty, shade, privacy, wildlife, and even food to your yard. 1. Plant Trees to […]

charlotte city skyline with landscape trees
Charlotte, NC

How to Landscape with Trees in Charlotte

Living in Charlotte, you’ll want your home’s curb appeal to match the majesty of the Queen City itself. Already known for its trees — we’re at 47% tree canopy now — CLT’s environment is perfect for an array of species. Here’s how to choose the best trees that will have […]

Landscape design with various plants and a gazebo

How to Use Plants in Your Landscaping

Ready to revamp your landscape design but not sure where to start? Infuse your yard with texture and color by planting ground covers, ornamental grasses, trees and shrubs, and low-maintenance annuals and perennials. Types of Landscaping Plants 1. Trees Tree types: Evergreen (maintains needles or leaves year-round). Examples of evergreen […]

Landscape trees in downtown Atlanta
Atlanta, Landscaping

How to Landscape with Trees in Atlanta

From The Varsity sign to the Olympic flame to Bank of America Plaza, Atlanta’s city skyline offers gorgeous views of famous, towering buildings. But towering trees? They provide even more than beauty; they deliver environmental benefits to this area, too. Of course, it doesn’t get any more Georgia than the […]

landscaped small backyard

8 Landscaping Ideas for a Small Backyard

Depending on where you live, acreage may be in short supply. But, good things come in small packages — including small plots of land. Whether you live in a townhouse, up on a hillside, or in an urban setting, landscape design ideas for your small backyard can include plentiful greenery, […]

small front yard

8 Landscaping Ideas for a Small Front Yard

Reintroduce your home to the neighborhood and elevate its curb appeal with these landscaping ideas for a small front yard. From border plants to flower beds and everything in between, we’ve got the inspiration you need to launch your next DIY project. 1. Update Your Entryway Put in a brick […]


7 Landscaping Ideas for a Small Side Yard

The place typically reserved for HVAC units, natural gas meters, and other utility boxes, side yards are often forgotten when it comes to landscaping ideas. But limited space doesn’t have to equal limited creativity. Leverage every inch of square footage you have with these small side yard landscaping ideas. 1. […]