Author: Alex Birkett

Superbowl Grass
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The Story Behind Super Bowl Grass

When it comes to a sophisticated lawn care game, professional sports takes the cake. Which makes sense, really – the grass used on during the Super Bowl will be viewed by roughly 111 million people. Every detail in the Super Bowl is painstakingly crafted, grass included. So, how is the […]

Austin, TX, General Lawn Care

What Is Organic Fertilizer?

It’s not secret that fertilizer is key to a great lawn. It feeds soil the essential nutrients and balances out its chemicals in order to maximize its health and looks. Experts recommend that you fertilize 4-8 times per year, depending on your grass type. But there are many choices to […]

Fairfax, VA, Landscaping

A Guide To Specialty Landscaping Services

Though we mainly deal with lawn maintenance at LawnStarter, we occasionally get requests for specialty services. This makes sense – while good lawn maintenance will make your lawn look great, the right specialty services will make your lawn look immaculate. Today, I wanted to outline some of the most impactful […]