The Top 50 Home Decor Blogs of 2018

The 2018 Golden Home Award

Editor’s note: Congrats to all who made it on our list. There were countless to choose from, and we thought these stood out the most. If your favorites are missing from our list of top home decor blogs, please let us know in the comments section. 

Discovering the Top Home Decor Blogs of 2018

Homeowners are essential to LawnStarter’s business, and many seek a well-manicured lawn so they feel proud of their home. This sense of pride is why our editorial team decided to monitor home decor blogs throughout the year. We wanted to collect the best ones, so homeowners can have an abundant resource of useful decor ideas.

Congratulations to our 2018 winners! They were judged on these five criteria:

  • Design Creativity
  • Quality and Consistency of Writing
  • Economical Decor Ideas
  • Presence on Google and Social Media Outlets

Winners may display our Golden Home Award badge on their blogs. We attempted to email or message each of the winners, but if we missed you, we love to hear from you. Other than that, here are the top home decor blogs for this year—listed in no particular order.

A Cultivated Nest

Author: Manuela Williams

Manuela is an expert organizer and a budget decorator. Every household can benefit from her sharp decor suggestions in A Cultivated Nest—which range from everything—such as using dryer sheets to pick up pet hair and reorganizing your fridge. Manuela’s A Cultivated Nest is smart, thoughtful, and practical for any homeowner needing a decor upgrade.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: 8 Clever Refrigerator Organizing Ideas

H20 Bungalow

Author: Wendi Wachtel

Wendi is a Florida native who is very handy because she believes the majority of home decor can be done by yourself. And she’s right. Her guides in H20 Bungalow are artful and easy-to-follow. Wendi advises us not to be afraid of using power tools—and instead embrace the touch and feel of building something beautiful.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: DIY Large Modern Inspirational Wall Art

Bump and Beyond

Author: Leighanne M.

Five years ago, Leighanne was pregnant with her daughter Darcy—and she wanted to write. This resulted in her blog, Bump and Beyond, a sweet and informative resource on lifestyle and parenting. Her no-nonsense decor tips will upgrade your home.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: DIY Large Modern Inspirational Wall Art


Author: Montgomery staff

Montgomery specializes in curtains, as well as a few other home items. Known for their novel patterns and designs, Montgomery’s products are expertly-made. And the design brains at Montgomery have insightful advice to offer on their blog. Check out what they say you should and shouldn’t do in home decor, and you’ll be grateful.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: 10 Things We All Hate About Interior Design


Author: Justina Blakeney

Justina is the New York Times best-selling author of The New Bohemians, a book about boho decor style and its culture. Her blog, Jungalow, is one of the most gorgeously designed blogs on this list. Her sense for patterns, color tones, and creativity permeate not just Jungalow’s blogs but the site’s aesthetic as well. Spending some time on here will give you great ideas and inspire creative juices in your own head.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: DIY Cement Title Planter

The House That Lars Built

Author: Brittany Watson Jepsen

Brittany’s eye for color is overwhelmingly impressive. Her blog, The House That Lars Built, is stunning, picture after picture. Even if you weren’t planning a party, her party decor guides are tantalizing to do.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Lunch Sack Honeycomb Fan Hack


Author: Mary Anne

Mary delivers a nice touch of decor to any ordinary room. Her blog, Homeaholic, provides great guides to spruce up everywhere from your bedroom to your living room. Mary is also a dog lover, so she is also a terrific adviser on pet care.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Decoration Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Comfier

The Mumington Post

Author: Chelle McCann

Chelle’s blog, The Mumington Post, is a lifestyle resource for both families and home decor aficionados. Her posts about family life touch many important topics, which include post-natal recovery. As a busy mother of three, Chelle shares both her wisdom and decor ideas. This blog is uplifting for moms and inspiring for home decor fans.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How To Get Your House Ready for Christmas

Nili Hudson

Author: Nili Hudson

Nili is a real estate broker with a talent for design. The photos of her properties are gorgeous, and she provides well-written commentary on home design and style. Check out her blog for elegant decor ideas.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: This Interior Designer Can Find Beauty Anywhere

Te Esse by Velvet

Author: Te Esse by Velvet staff

Te Esse by Velvet is a vibrant and colorful blog. A mixture of fashion, travel, wellness, motherhood, and home decor molds together a unique and interesting voice. This blog’s decor ideas are not only aesthetically pleasing but also economical. The guides here won’t make you go broke so your kitchen can look beautiful.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Will IKEA’s Democratic Design Make a Breakthrough: Personalized Style For a Mass Audience

DIY Bungalow

Author: Karen Cooper

Karen is a self-proclaimed “recovering lawyer,” and her time spent on DIY Bungalow is worthwhile recuperation. DIY Bungalow provides fun, accessible, and financially prudent tips to upgrade your home. Because Karen is a fantastic writer, the blog is consistently insightful and humorous.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Fall Pumpkin Planters

Dorsey Designs

Author: Sarah Dorsey

Sarah’s impressive sense of style and color is channeled into her home. Her blog, Dorsey Designs, provides lovely updates and guides of decor ideas that she tries herself on a regular basis. She even designs her own wallpapers and decor items, which are ornate and beautiful. If you rather not make them yourself, they can be bought from her site.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Bathroom Organization | Lower Bathroom Mini Reveal

Hunted Interiors

Author: Kristen Jackson

Hunted Interiors is the brainchild of Kristen Jackson, who spent years working as an international hotel designer. This blog provides exceptional decor guides, especially seasonal ones. Follow Kristen’s advice, so your home will be color-themed well—and inviting.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: What Is Your Style?!

The Interior Editor

Author: Maria Jones

Maria transforms ordinary living spaces into exceptional sights. From big projects such as kitchen to something minute as a glamorous wallpaper, Maria’s The Interior Editor melds practicality and style into a resourceful blog.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: The Real Green Kitchen: 100% Sustainable Design

My Sweet Savannah

Author: Melanie Thompson

Melanie is a decorator for hire who has an eye for improving the mundane set up of any room into a place with style. Her blog consists of many clever decor upgrades and tips for your home. As a mother of two, Melanie posts wonderful baking recipes that would keep anyone content.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How To Build A Custom Closet From Scratch

Authentic Interior

Author: Aida Sniraite

Aida is a professional interior designer who knows how to adjust and improve your living space. Her blog Authentic Interior is a window into seeing how her mind works with design. She wants to share with you the dos and don’ts of design, and she grounds you with essential decor principles, so you avoid rookie errors. This blog is a truly helpful resource.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: 8 Small Living Room Decorating Cheats You Probably Haven’t Heard About + Freebie!


Author: Coshamie staff

Coshamie provides a chic and smooth home decor blog, replete with fascinating takes on art and informative posts about wood and other decor items. This blog will teach you about high art and high-end home decor.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Coshamie’s Design Pick: Jonathan Field

Fresh Design Blog

Author: Fresh Design Blog staff

Fresh Design Blog provides home decor tips that capture an encompassing look for any home. Whether it’s Halloween or Christmas, everything from candle holders to coasters are thought through in the guides offered by this blog.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Quirky Gothic home décor for Halloween and beyond

Hadley Court

Author: Leslie Wood

Leslie’s blog Hadley Court reminds you the style and space tips you’re missing. Hadley Court offers useful guides on not only upgrading the look of your home but saving space within it as well. Leslies interest in giving practical advice is very helpful.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: California Style Homes—7 Easy Tips!

Penny’s Vintage Home

Author: Owner of Penny’s Vintage Spot

Penny’s Vintage Home is an aesthetic time capsule, capturing styles many of us have forgotten. The blog’s mixture of Romantic and Chic provide stunning displays in any room. The images of the actual decor in this blog are well-photographed too.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Vintage Farmhouse Metal Decor

The Design Sheppard

Author: Stacey Sheppard

Stacey is a design guru who generates wonderful writing and gorgeous decor pictures. Her vision in The Design Sheppard brims with color and thought—following her tips and guides are transformative to any room.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Spiced Honey: Dulux Colour of the Year 2019

Gates Interior Design

Author: Amanda Gates

Amanda, a Tennessee native, encourages home decor enthusiasts to embrace more color. Her blog, Gates Interior Design, is full of nifty and eye-catching tips to boost the appearance of your home.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How To Throw An Eco-friendly Cookout in 5 Easy Steps

Diamond Interiors

Author: Dimitra Dimitriou

Dimitra is attentive of home decor trends. Dimitra’s blog Diamond Interiors flashes the spectrum of style your home can display. This blog offers well-explained guides and will give you fresh ideas.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Boho Chic Interiors: Our Top Tips!

Driven By Decor

Author: Owner of Driven By Decor

Driven By Decor is a very popular home decor blog. Featured on Martha Stewart and the Huffington Post, this blog is incredibly well-designed and covers extensive ground on home decor. It will help you make your home more gorgeous and inviting.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How To Decorate Shelves & Bookcases: Simple Formulas That Work!

The Sweetest Digs

Author: Gemma Bonham-Carter

Gemma is driven by a passion for all-natural products and a welcoming aesthetic in her home. Her blog, The Sweetest Digs, will equip you with knowledge on decorating everything from a kitchen to a nursery. She also writes a helpful section on wellness.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How To Create A Cute Kids Craft Room

It All Started With Paint

Author: Owner of It All Started With Paint

It All Started With Paint is a popular home decor blog that brings great cheer and style. The details in home decor are key, which this blog expertly highlights with its lovely guides and tips.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How to Make Balloon Shade Tutorial

Katrina Blair

Author: Katrina Blair

Katrina knows how to maximize any space into a welcoming place, no matter how small it is. Her eponymous blog delivers modern and clean decor ideas that will be transformative, regardless of the size of your living space.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Create Impact with Tile in Small Spaces

Room For Tuesday

Author: Sarah Gibson

Room For Tuesday is a blog with a classy owner. Sarah’s apartment is full of stylish decor. She wages war against tackiness, easily demonstrated by her guide to Halloween decor. Follow her guide to make your living space more upscale.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Decorating for Fall & Halloween

Cohesive Randomness

Author: Carmeon Hamilton

Carmeon is a merchandising manager at Stash Home, and her hobby for home decor is well-reflected in Cohesive Randomness. This neat and stylish blog is full of clever decor ideas that will boost the appearance of your home, including for spaces as small as a corridor.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Saturday Styling: Styling a Small Entryway

Love My DIY Home

Author: Val Frania

Val exudes a strong passion for home decor, and more importantly, doing it yourself. Her blog, Love My DIY Home, is a testament to the rewards of trying new ideas. Val’s blog offers many fresh ones that will spruce up your home.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Can Furniture Become a Piece of Art?

Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Author: Kerrie Kelly Design Lab staff

Kerrie Kelly Design Lab is a full service home decor blog—they cover everything. The blog’s indoor and outdoor decor and custom fabrications are among the many demonstrators of its professional knowledge. If you want to be a pro, this blog is worth reading.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Dressed Nest: Black, White, and Brass

All Women’s Talk

Author: All Women’s Talk staff

All Women’s Talk, like it’s namesake, is generally a resource for women who are interested in DIY. One of the hottest home decor blogs out there, All Women’s Talk covers a vast array of seasonal decor and deserves to be read by any true home decor enthusiasts.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: 51 Halloween Wreaths To Decorate Your Door

Morse Constructions Incorporated

Author: Morse Constructions Incorporated staff

Morse Constructions is invested in improving homeowners’ lifestyles. Their blog ties in industry expertise and provides high-quality and practical home decor advice.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Curbless Showers: From Universal Design to Universally Popular

The Rainforest Garden

Author: Steve Asbell

Steve is a published children’s illustrator and writer, but also has a touch for design. His blog, The Rainforest Garden, highlights handy methods for turning your home and garden into a soothing environment that mimics the rainforest or shares elements with it.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How to Design a Dry Creek Bed: 10 Tips

Camels and Chocolate

Author: Kristen Luna

Camels and Chocolate is Kristen’s lifestyle blog. And for good measure, Kristen’s life is impressive and stylish. One of her labors of love is home decor, which Kristen is also a fantastic photographer. Follow her blog for some terrific home decor tips.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: We Bought a Victorian Home, Then Refinanced Three Years Later

The Southern Coterie

Author: The Southern Coterie staff

The Southern Coterie is a well-designed resource for content creators, particularly for home decor writers. The blog itself offers wonderful decor ideas too. There’s much to learn from here if you’re a home decor hobbyist.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Entertaining Inspiration: An AL Fresco Fiesta

House of Harper

Author: Caroline Harper Knapp

Caroline made one of the most elegant blogs on this list, House of Harper. The blog title even sounds like a noble house from Game of Thrones. Her home decor ideas are a rich mixture of grand styles and modern finishes.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Six Decorating Tips For An Inviting Entry

Quarter Life Living

Author: Owner of Quarter Life Living 

Quarter Life Living is a relatively new home decor blog, but it’s aesthetic is impressive. The home decor tips span many colors and textures for numerous living spaces, and the images taken are professional and impressive. This is a good blog to help you think of decor ideas.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: New Year Neatening

The Inspired Room

Author: Melissa Michaels

Melissa is a published author and home decor expert. Her blog, The Inspired Room, is a practical and cozy resource to make your home feel more like—home. Her blog’s motto captures this: “let’s create a home you can’t wait to come home to!”

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Cozy Things with Tassels, Textures, and Trims

Savvy Home

Author: Gabrielle Savoie 

Gabrielle is a true creative. With less than several years of experience, she drafted together an impressive array of home decor items and guides. Gabrielle’s color schemes are modern and inviting. For a truly contemporary home, check out Savvy Home for ideas.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Inside My First (280 SQ. FT.) New York Apartment

The Altered Page

Author: Seth Apter

Seth is a veteran home decor blogger. Since 2007, Seth’s The Altered Page provided clever and inexpensive DIY decor tips. Seth’s personality is well expressed through his countless posts—virtually all of which offer insight on how to make your living space look better.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Get Wrapped, Baked, and Painted!

Sacramento Street

Author: Caitlin Flemming

Caitlin is a San Francisco native who has made a stunning lifestyle blog. Named Sacramento Street, Caitlin’s professional-looking photos for each post is worthy to be featured on Better Homes and Garden or Life Magazine. She transforms her home into the right balance between modern and retro styles.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Interiors: Office Space Reveal


Author: Cassity Kmetzsch

Cassity is one of the most renowned home decor bloggers. With over half a million likes on Facebook, her blog Remodelaholic is widely read. Many of her readers will find tips that transform simple household objects into a stylish addition to your living space. Even a ladder is fair game to organize your kitchen utensils with.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Small Countertop Towel Ladder And Utensil Organizer

Zero Waste Home

Author: Bea Johnson

Bea’s philosophy is straightforward: avoid waste as much as you can. She’s a world traveler who avoids this, and she’s also a home designer with this in mind as well. Her decor tips will not only make your home look good but also make your soul feel good too.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Le Parfait: A Love Stpry or 14 Reasons Why I Use French Canning Jars

The Stylish Nest

Author: Owner of The Stylish Nest

The Stylish Nest brings a certain degree of panache that’s missing from many blogs. This blog is full of personality and quality writing about garden and DIY decor tasks. Check our The Stylish Nest for solid decor tips.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: My Childhood Bedroom

Jillian Harris

Author: Jillian Harris

Jillian is an exceptional interior designer and blogger, with prolific posts that include beauty, fashion, food, and decor. Her personal and design style are both clean and gorgeous, so visit her eponymous blog to see how she can upgrade both you and your living space.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How To Design A Timeless & Low Maintenance Outdoor Space

Young House Love

Author: Sherry and John Petersik

Young House Love are a power couple. Their personalities complement each other as they decorate homes and share their experiences through blog posts and vlogs. For home decor enthusiasts, Young House Love is a very homey and enjoyable blog.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How To Make Inexpensive Curtains Look A Lot More Polished & Our New Master Bed!

AM Dolce Vita

Author: Owner of AM Dolce Vita

AM Dolce Vita is for hobbyists of home decor. The decor suggestions are all homemade and personally done by the author, which is extremely impressive given some of the renovation projects that were done. For example, AM Dolce Vita will show you that it’s physically possible to revamp a garage, as well as do most of outdoor and indoor decor tasks.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How to Achieve Your Dream Home Decor

Just A Girl and Her Blog

Author: Abby Lawson

Abby brims with positivity, experience, and creativity in her blog Just A Girl and Her Blog. Also, because she’s a mom, Abby offers decor suggestions for all needs. If you need a playroom built or a master bedroom redone, Just A Girl and Her Blog will offer a plethora of ideas.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: A Simple Fall Home Tour


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