The Top DIY Blogs of 2018

The 2018 Golden Craft Award

Editor’s note: A huge congratulations to all who made it on our list. There was an endless amount to choose from, but we thought these blogs stood out the most. If your favorites are missing from our list of top DIY blogs, then please let us know in the comments below.

Discovering the Top DIY Blogs of 2018

LawnStarter’s business is comprised of homeowners who not only seek a good-looking lawn but also a sense of pride in their home. For this reason, our editorial team throughout the year monitored DIY blogs because they exemplified homeowners who enjoy enhancing the appearance of their homes.

Congratulations to our 2018 winners! They were judged on these four criteria:

  • Quality and Consistency of Writing
  • Creativity of Ideas
  • Budget Resourcefulness
  • Presence on Google and Social Media Outlets

Winners may display our Golden Craft Award badge on their blogs. We tried reaching out to each of the winners, but if we missed you, we would love to hear from you. Other than that, here are the top DIY blogs for this year—listed in no particular order.

A Stroll Thru Life

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Friday DIY & Finds

Marty is a long-running DIY blogger, cementing her reputation for clever budget decor ideas and boosting the work of up-and-coming bloggers. Her blog, A Stroll Thru Life, is pleasantly written and resourceful, especially during the holiday seasons. Marty’s DIY guides are easy to follow and will boost the appearance of your home.

DIY Inspired

Our Favorite Post of 2018: DIY Folding Chair Makeover

Dinah is a California resident who offers a broad spectrum of DIY wisdom, from costumes for kids to furniture. Her guides in DIY Inspired are practical and wonderfully explained. Regardless if you live in an apartment or a house with a front yard (her blog has a whole section called Home & Garden), you’ll find fresh ideas here.

Do It Yourself Divas

Our Favorite Post of 2018: DIY: Pinecone Wreath (Practically Free)

Sisters Steph & Meg are DIY icons. Their stylish approaches to food, fashion, decor, and furniture are motivational. Whether it’s re-painting your kitchen cabinets or making hand-made Christmas decorations, Do It Yourself Divas will encourage you to get off the couch and enhance the appearance of your home.

Little Modernist

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Quick Fix To Common Hardwood Floor Trouble So It Would Lasts A Lifetime

Little Modernist is a blog that promotes minimal living in the most fulfilling sense. The DIY guides for this blog are not only handy but engaging to follow. Little Modernist will lead you away from Instagram or whatever distracting site, put a tool in your hand, and start you with peaceful work that shall improve your home.

DIY Projects with Pete

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Quick Fix To Common Hardwood Floor Trouble So It Would Lasts A Lifetime

Pete is a resourceful and handy writer in Montana. His blog, DIY Projects with Pete, goes into great labor and detail explaining how to build and fix things. The video explainers are a signature of his, almost a replacement for those missing lessons on tools that your parents forgot to teach you.

Erin Spain

Our Favorite Post of 2018: DIY Plywood Kid’s Desk

Erin’s hands-on approach to projects is inspiring. With expert precision, her DIY guides provide reliable steps from building anything from scratch. The joy of building, for example say your own desk, is the additional meaning it brings to your home. Reading her blog, Erin Spain, will steer you away from languidly buying IKEA furniture and instead build your own.

Alice & Lois

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Favorite No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Alice and Lois are sisters who designed an impressively artistic blog. Their blog’s family-friendly DIY projects look mesmerizing when they’re accompanied with photos of Alice and Lois’s results. Because family is important to them, Alice and Lois also provide healthy recipes that will cheer up any household.

DIY Bungalow

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Fall Pumpkin Planters

Karen is a self-proclaimed “recovering lawyer,” and her time spent on DIY Bungalow is worthwhile recuperation. DIY Bungalow provides fun, accessible, and financially prudent tips to upgrade your home. Because Karen is a fantastic writer, the blog is consistently insightful and humorous.

Love My DIY Home

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Can Furniture Become a Piece of Art?

Val exudes a strong passion for home decor, and more importantly, doing it yourself. Her blog, Love My DIY Home, is a testament to the rewards of trying new ideas. Val’s blog offers many fresh ones that will spruce up your home.

Life with Lorelai

Our Favorite 2018 Post: Pumpkin Carving

Lorelai, mother with two cats and two kids, runs a fun, personal blog that produces enjoyable DIY tasks. Unlike many of the other blogs on this list, Lorelai won’t belabor you on soil types for your garden, but she’ll provide novel decorations for your home and garden.

The Stylish Nest

The Stylish Nest brings a certain degree of panache that’s missing from many blogs. This blog is full of personality and quality writing about garden and DIY decor tasks. Check our The Stylish Nest for solid decor tips.

Our Favorite Post of 2018: My Childhood Bedroom

DIY Everywhere

Our Favorite 2018 Post: How To Make A Tie Dye Towel

For beginner gardeners, DIY Everywhere is an easy resource to start with. The blog also spans a variety of home decor tips that go beyond gardening. Because it’s an expansive source of home ideas you can do on your own, DIY Everywhere is very helpful.

Green Thumb

Our Favorite Post of 2018: It’s Time To Tackle Your Backyard

Green Thumb is a blog focused on organics and outdoor decor. With an emphasis on caring for your vegetation, Green Thumb provides quality guides for flowers, water features, and more. This blog will motivate you to spend more time outdoors, working with your hands and appreciating the result of a home with a touch of nature.

North Carolina Blogger Network

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Wedding Invitations For The Modern Bride


North Carolina Blogger Network is a both a blog and a channel for DIY hobbyists and aspiring writers on lifestyle. The blog itself delivers well on DIY items and decor—adding a bit more flash and style to everyday items.

The lala

Our Favorite Post of 2018: No Frames Needed: 6 Ways To Hang Pictures In Your Dorm Room

The lala is a blog that speaks to college girls and postgrads, replete with stylish and youthful DIY guides. The aesthetic of this blog does not shallowly resemble Urban Outfitters but rather a creative space for personal style and art. That being said, this blog also provides great decor ideas and handy tips for those looking for inspiration.

Pretty Handy Girl

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Dining Room Makeover – Homework Station

Brittany’s blog, Pretty Handy Girl, is a fierce repudiation of anyone who thinks power tools and construction are for men. Pretty Handy Girl is a testament that the enjoyment of craft and artistry is accessible to anyone who is curious enough. Whether the project is big or small, Brittany tackles it with clarity and skill. Her blog provides guides that range from simple dining room decor to building doors.

The Painted Hive

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Trash To Treasure Vases…Using Old Food Jars & Vintage Handbag Straps!

Kristine’s The Painted Hive delivers simple yet clever DIY decor. Don’t throw away your empty Tabasco or soy sauce bottles, because Kristine will show you how to transform them into quality decorations.

In My Own Style

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Brighten A Dark Room By Letting The Light Shine In

Diane writes sweetly in her blog In My Own Style. Journaling her experiences decorating and embellishing her home, Diane is responsive to her readers and creates guides that would improve any type of room.

Swoon Worthy

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Can You DIY Shutters? (Hint: Yep, You Can)

Kimberly’s glamorous blog, Swoon Worthy, is permeated with eye-popping DIY guides. Based on Boho aesthetics, Swoon Worthy injects character and color into living spaces. Kimberly is also incredibly handy—for example she built her own shutters by hand. Check this blog out if you need a shot of hands-on creativity for your home.


Our Favorite Post of 2018: Painted Banisters & A Credenza Vignette

Freckles is a cheerful blog, full of terrific DIY guides for decor that makes a home feel more suitable for family. From playhouses to banisters, Freckles brings a joyful touch to everyday home items—many of which can be done by hand.

The Handyman’s Daughter

Our Favorite Post of 2018: DIY Industrial Computer Desk Plans and Tutorial

Vineta’s blog The Handyman’s Daughter displays an expert on wood and craft. The Handyman’s Daughter is a DIY master guide of building your own furniture, well-written and accompanied with good photography. This blog will demonstrate you don’t need to shelve out a fortune for high-quality shelves, and instead you simply need a toolbox, materials, and some patience.

The Happier Homemaker

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How To Decorate A Fireplace

Melissa’s The Happier Homemaker is a remedy to messy and cluttered households. This blog’s mission is to help organize and clean up your living spaces and leave them in a more accommodating state. What’s fabulous about The Happier Homemaker is the guides are both practical and decoratively creative.

Home Repair Tutor

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How To Install A Basement Bathtub

The Home Repair Tutor is a blog and video guide created by two resourceful and handy buddies, Jeff Patterson and Steve White. Their video guides have amassed over 29 million views and counting. The Home Repair Tutor not only shows you how to save money on home repair by teaching you professional skills, but it also imbues you with the tenacity to be handy.

I Am A Homemaker

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Outdoor Side Table

Jillian keeps it real in I Am A Homemaker, a blog about DIY home projects that is accessible to all skill levels. Her clear and well-explained guides will mitigate any urge that thrusts you into an IKEA—and instead save money by building the thing yourself.

Infarrantly Creative

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Hanging Wooden X Chandelier

Beckie Farrant’s home is a rustic delight, and you can replicate the novel DIY decor by going to Infarrantly Creative. Ever thought chandeliers were too tacky and regal? Beckie flipped the concept of those ornamental lights upside down and produced a warm and inviting light bulb carrier. Check her blog out so you can learn how to make the rest of your living spaces more inviting and cozy.

Love Create Celebrate

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Make Your Own Custom Framed Mirrors

Lindi and Russel are a power couple. It’s unclear how the work is divided between them two when it comes to their blog Love Create Celebrate, but the result is stunning. Love Create Celebrate is rich in creative DIY decor ideas that are made tantalizing by high quality photography and well-written guides.

Not Just A Housewife

Our Favorite Post of 2018: 15 Easy Wood Projects You Can Do In A Day!

The blog, Not Just A Housewife, is an understatement of a title for its owner Stacy Risenmay. Stacy is a home decor DIY expert. She tackles small projects with finesse and clarity, producing guides that make it possible to replicate her lovely work.

One Project Closer

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Mid-Century Modern Dog Crate and End-Table Tutorial

One Project Closer is an endearing blog that covers a family-focused journey through home projects. The team of Ethan, Jocie, Kim, and Fred produced a top-notch funnel of DIY ideas, expressed through handy tips and guides. The family dog Chief Hopper, a Morkie, is also a catch. Check their blog out for not only great DIY guides but also cameos of that adorable grey and white dog.

Keeper of the Home

Our Favorite 2018 Post: Creamy Spring and Asparagus Soup

Keeper of the Home is a heart-warming blog for gardeners and home cooks. This blog emphasizes clean-living and avoids artificial ingredients—whether for your soil or your belly. Keeper of the Home also discusses family life and lessons, eclipsing home life with nature. Also, the recipes are very tasty.

Chiot’s Run

Our Favorite 2018 Post: Compost Pile Harvest

Susy’s garden contains the most delightful-looking produce. Her blog, Chiot’s Run, educates homeowners to waste less and adopt a DIY organic lifestyle. The results pay off—because the rich colors in her garden are stunning. This blog will motivate you to garden more.

Carleton Girl

Our Favorite 2018 Post: Favorite Week of Cooking

Carleton Girl is a lovely DIY outdoors blog that shows off New England gardening. Guides for fresh produce, from lettuce to tomatoes, are well-written and easy to follow. You’ll learn how to adapt to the cold seasons too as a gardener.

Shawna Coronado

Our Favorite 2018 Post: Hardy Garden Decor Ideas

Shawna is a fan of exotic flowers and a DIY expert. She prefers to do things by hand, and will inspire you to spend more time in your garden. Her blog will boost your handiness and creativity.

Bees and Roses

Our Favorite 2018 Post: Lavender-colored Decor

Bees and Roses would impress any DIY aficionado. The blog provides creative and helpful tips for gardening, from novel ways of fencing your garden to design ideas. Bees and Roses also is one of the most beautiful blogs on this list in terms of design.

Premeditated Leftovers

Our Favorite 2018 Post: How To Grow Butternut Squash

Alea runs a comprehensive blog that captures home life. Premeditated Leftovers provides insight on gardening, cooking, kids, budgeting, and home decor. Her DIY decor tips are very useful.


The House That Lars Built

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Honeycomb Designs For Your Home

Brittany’s eye for color is overwhelmingly impressive. Her blog, The House That Lars Built, is stunning, picture after picture. Even if you weren’t planning a party, her DIY party decor guides are tantalizing to do.

The Sweetest Digs

Our Favorite Post of 2018: How To Create A Cute Kids Craft Room

Gemma is driven by a passion for all-natural products and a welcoming aesthetic in her home. Her blog, The Sweetest Digs, will equip you with knowledge on decorating everything from a kitchen to a nursery. She also writes a helpful section on wellness.

Camels and Chocolate

Our Favorite Post of 2018: We Bought a Victorian Home, Then Refinanced Three Years Later

Camels and Chocolate is Kristen’s lifestyle blog. And for good measure, Kristen’s life is impressive and stylish. One of her labors of love is home decor, which Kristen is also a fantastic photographer. Follow her blog for some terrific DIY home decor tips.

Prodigal Pieces

Our Favorite Post of 2018:  Upcycled Jar Hangers—DIY Decor

Larissa is a homeschooling mom of six kids (incredible) who proves it’s not intimidating or too time-consuming to engage with DIY decor. Her blog, Prodigal Pieces, demystifies many home decor trends and teaches you how to make them yourself. This blog also guides you to not waste items, such as your old pickle jars, and transform them into something you’d be proud to display.

Reality Daydream

Our Favorite Post of 2018: Room Design For The Girls’ Bedroom!

Bethany is beyond a DIY hobbyist in her amazing blog, Reality Daydream. She is a DIY pro. A project as simple as making a bedroom for her young daughters is turned up to 11 with staggering displays of furniture and paint. Reality Daydream, like its namesake, guides you through home decor that you likely didn’t know was achievable by hand.

Remodelando la Casa

Our Favorite Post of 2018: DIY – Ghost Planters Wooden Stand

Christina Garay’s Remodelando la Casa is one of the most elegant DIY blogs on this list. Her reinventions of luxury bedrooms and baths are impressive and well-budgeted displays. This blog proves you don’t need to buy designer furniture in order to a live in a designer home.


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