How resilient is the Pittsburgh, PA housing market?

While the US residential housing market is recovering on a steady trajectory, the market still has not recovered to its pre-recession highs. The median home value in US is still only 86% of the nation's pre-recession high, and only 34% of homes have had their values surpass their pre-recession peak values, according to Trulia.

The Pittsburgh, PA metro seems to be an exception to the rule, with median home values reaching 111% of pre-recession peaks.

As a company providing lawn service to homes in Pittsburgh, PA, it is in our best interest to fully understand and track all changes within the region's housing market. So we decided to publish some of our research so those interested can better understand the Pittsburgh, PA housing market.


We took historical data of Zillow's Housing Value Index - a measure for median home value - and adjusted the index for inflation using the Consumer Price Index (All Items Less Shelter), as recommended by the FHFA. We collected data at nationwide, state, metro and city levels.

From there, we compared current home values to their pre-recession peaks to understand how resilient the Pittsburgh, PA area is relative to Pennsylvania, the US, and other metro areas. We summarized the findings in an interactive data visualization, found at the bottom of the page.

Key Findings

  • The median home value in Pittsburgh, PA has reached $138k - 111% of the area's pre-recession peak of $125k.
  • In terms of recovery, the region is ahead of the US and ahead of Pennsylvania. Home values in these regions have reached 86% and 90% of peak values, respectively.
  • Pittsburgh ranks #8 among top 100 metro areas in the country in terms of recovery, and #33 across all metros.
  • Of metro areas in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh ranks #1 in terms of recovery.

Most Resilient Metros in PA

  1. Pittsburgh, PA
  2. State College, PA
  3. Lock Haven, PA
  4. DuBois, PA
  5. Erie, PA
  6. Altoona, PA
  7. Bloomsburg-Berwick, PA
  8. Selinsgrove, PA
  9. Somerset, PA
  10. Indiana, PA