Gardening Tips for Memphis, TN

Gardening inside a city comes with its own unique challenges. The limited space and unwelcomed bug visits in small houses and apartments can be a hassle. But if managed right, a home garden is a terrific addition. Here are the best gardening tips to help you make it work in Memphis.

Placing Your Garden

Picking where to place your garden is vital for its survival. Before you decide where to place your garden, you should monitor how much sun it gets. Most gardens require 6 hours of sunlight a day. Luckily for us, Memphis has more sunny days than the American average.

With access to consistent sunlight, your garden will sustain much more easily. Places like the rooftop, balcony, or your windowsill are great options. Another factor to bear in mind is your garden’s drainage. If your garden receives outside rain, proper drainage will ensure your plants don’t drown.

What to Plant

You can plant just about any vegetable or fruit that will grow well in a temperate climate. Growing plants indoors will give you more options but will also require more upkeep. What you plant will vary by season, and the exact timing is usually stated on seed packet.

Vegetables that grow great during summer in Memphis include peppers, broccoli, and spinach. Summer fruit options to consider are tomatoes, melons, strawberries, and lemons. Memphis is known for growing great tomatoes, so make sure to invest in a tomato crop.

During cold seasons, kale and other leafy vegetables are good candidates. They should be planted in early fall or between January and February.


Maintaining your garden is a daily ritual. Indoor vegetables need to be watered when the top layer of soil is dry, usually once a day. Outside plants should be watered less frequently because rainfall already provides a significant amount of water.

When the weather starts to get hot, you’ll need to water more. Usually an inch of water a week is good, though raise the water intake for your plants if the soil is particularly dry. It’s also important to check the container you’re using for clear drainage holes, so water doesn’t collect and damage your plants.

Fertilizing your indoor garden is just as important as fertilizing your outdoor garden. When picking a fertilizer to use, choose something organic because an organic fertilizer will grow organic vegetables. Fertilizer should be applied every 3-4 weeks with regular tests of your garden’s pH value and other nutritional information.

The daily upkeep for a home garden should be a hobby, not a chore. Keep these tips in mind so your home will not only have fresh produce but feel more welcoming as well.

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