The 5 Most Luxurious Lawns in Denver, CO

Luxurious house with a lawn

5 Most Luxurious Lawns in Denver, CO

Denver tops the 2016 list of “Best Places to Live in the United States” ranked by U.S. News & World Report. Long ago and far away are its Wild West beginnings as a gathering place for the hordes of miners who had learned of the three wildly successful gold strikes in Colorado.

Denver has changed from a town of hardened gunslingers to a metropolis of easy-going, ambitious, and nature-loving university graduates lured to Denver by constantly evolving high-tech businesses.

Denver accommodates the outdoor interests of its residents with dog parks, skate parks, bike parks, walking parks, grassy parks, and the open-air amphitheater, Red Rocks.

The residents’ love of nature is reflected in the care they put into their lawns—lawns that are designed to be useful while also decorative. We have ranked the “Top 5 Luxurious Lawns” in the “Number 1” place to live. Check them out below!

1. Elegance on East Third Avenue

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Photos: Zillow

Why we like it:

This stucco and tile Mediterranean-style home sits in the midst of luxurious landscaping like a gem in a elegant setting. The front lawn is a plush emerald carpet framed with hardwood trees. Meticulously trimmed bushes neatly set into mulch rim the home. The simplicity of the landscape design is a pleasing contrast with the ornate grandness of the home.

The simplicity continues in the rear of the home, with trees shading the terrace and fire pit without blocking the view and a tasteful scattering of plants around the Koi fish pond.

2. Urban Estate on Dayton Street

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Why we like it:

The contemporary angles of this stucco and tile home make an attractive background for the welcoming lushness of the flora in the foreground. The lawn is a testament to extraordinary (and professional) care. The asymmetrical arrangement of trees provides intriguing “curb appeal.” The hard rush plants and decorative rocks supply a more casual, “this just all happened naturally” touch—though it was mindfully designed and installed.

In the rear yard, the trees and bushes huddle close to the home leaving the lawn beautifully unspoiled.

Also in the rear is the most breathtaking element of all. We’re familiar with infinity pools. This home has an “infinity lawn,” one that flows seamlessly into the natural landscape and extends off into the distance with a spectacular view of downtown Denver.

3. Grecian Grandeur on East 17th Avenue Parkway

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Photos: Zillow

Why we like it:

This three-story brick, stucco, and asphalt Greek Revival mansion appears to have been set down into a natural and ancient wilderness. Towering sycamore trees gracefully mirror stately Doric columns at the front of the home, while beds of bushes and rocks add informality.

In the rear of the home is an immaculately manicured lawn, but the coniferous trees, variety of plants, and feather grass bring a sense of having come upon an uninhabited woodland.

4. Castle on Circle Drive

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Photos: Zillow

Why we like it:

This brick and tile Tudor-style home is surrounded by a harmonious union of English garden and contemporary-casual landscaping. The brick paths and walls and scrupulously sculpted double tier of hedges create a pleasant order among the seeming randomness of the mammoth blue spruce tree, fruit trees, and pops of bright-colored flowers.

The rear of the home is a wonderland of hardwood trees, trees that bear fruit, and trees that bear flowers, all in varying sizes and shapes, and foliage colors that range from yellow-green to blue-green to the wine-colored leaves of the plum tree. Woven among them are the same contrasting and orderly hedges as we saw on the front lawn.

5. Historic Haven on North Humboldt Street

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Photos: Zillow

Why we like it:

This impressive brick and stone Tudor-style home is located in historic Denver. The century-old trees create a lace-like canopy over the extravagantly lavish lawn. The courtyard at the rear of the home is surrounded by a grove of long-established hardwood trees augmented with plants in strategically placed earthenware pots. Potted flower plants provide random pieces of color throughout the entire design.

That’s it for our picks!

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Lois Crouse